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Peoples! I'm moving to 🇳🇱 next month and I don't have a group there. Anyone near ? I'm an experienced player and friendly person, role playing is one of my outlet activities to kick back and have fun.

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Variations on Gluckuk's racing snail:
- Tortoise Scout
- Mail Koala
- Currier Sloth
- Homing Starfish
- Slug Stagecoach

A warhorse? A wargoat? No no no...

A giant sloth, that has no hurry... ever.

(Image from "Hello Charlie" for BBC's "Ice-Age")

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@ossifog besides yourself, what are other good pixel artists you'd recommend following? 😊

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More of the Nanai writing... This one is the lyrics to a lullaby about an insomniac dragonfly.

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So, once I had to make up this cosmology for a far away culture, and got carried away and ended up creating an entire language...

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Fort Island... I used to draw islands a lot. This one is my favorite.

Map making is one of my favorite things in GMing.

Its a cool place I made, with no way in, and no way out. 🍩

"What if we make the whole world one big dungeon?"
- How the Underdark was born.

And this would be Zim's weapon of choice "Briar".

The runes carved on the handle are his war cry.

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