@caconym making an orc with no tusks is just asking for an aesthetic revolution.
... To arms comrades!

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Did you know, to get the data from their telescope array at the South Pole, they had to wait for inclement weather and fly a hard drive with their data?

In general, the fastest way to transfer their petabytes of data, was to fly a scientist with a hard drive over to wherever they wanted to transmit it.

Me neither, and I've been trying for 20 years on and off.

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Ah, yes, fedilab is awesome. I was referring to the web interface though.

Does the "Always expand toots marked with content warnings" (in /settings/preferences) option work for anyone here? It just ignores my choices blatantly. @host ? Anyone?

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@TeethTeethTeeth but is your love life in shambles?
I'm so happy for Clara. 💌

@Jookia@computerfairi.es @AlinaTheHedgehog I disagree, development is much faster in open source, releases are more frequent and security is higher, because it can be reviewed by more devs. That they are hard to fund and lack warranties is mostly true though.

@caconym working on something good? We miss you round these parts. 🖊️​

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