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@caconym true that, Darksun had its fair share of "stick and bone" analogues, and I love it to bits.

So, last night I started drawing an in inkscape! I figure I'll be done in maybe 20 or 30 years. LOL.

These are, quite literally the founding stones!

@caconym please keep me posted on this! Stone age settings are really hard to do well, but given your background I'd love to see what you come up with.

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Michael Prescott has a new mini adventure on his blog. “In every town, village, and hamlet are women who have seen beyond fear, who are strong enough to push back winter and bring new life to the lands. Their power comes from beneath an old, stone shrine, half-forgotten by the people of today. What secrets are known to those who dare pass through the mouth of spring?”

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Did I mention my brother is an insanely talented artist?

You can (and you should) check him out here:

@kvltjam @elime also any whitewolf game, you need at least 10d10 when you start playing.

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1, 2 and 5. And that was the full series =).
Will start journey to home again in about an hour. What I thought would have been a productive weekend at least turned out to be restful =)

@Joystick_Hero I guess its up to the DM. A friend of mine who has been a GM for 25 years just has "beastmen" who are tribes mixed with animal traits of all kinds and closer to nature and life they each get their own stat adjustments and have a slightly different focus and lifestyle, etc.

@Joystick_Hero and then there are also Rakshasas! From what I found the order of appearance is:
- Rakshasas - The Strategic Review #5, December 1975.
- Tabaxi - Fiend Folio (1981)
- Rakasta - The Isle of Dread (1981)

Also Tabaxi appear to be exclusively leopards or jaguars, while Rakasta can be Simbasta (lion-people), Sherkasta (tiger-people), and common house cats.

The Rakshasa are more like evil monsters not intended as a PC race, but more as an NPC or Villain.

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