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Michael Prescott has a new mini adventure on his blog. “In every town, village, and hamlet are women who have seen beyond fear, who are strong enough to push back winter and bring new life to the lands. Their power comes from beneath an old, stone shrine, half-forgotten by the people of today. What secrets are known to those who dare pass through the mouth of spring?”

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Did I mention my brother is an insanely talented artist?

You can (and you should) check him out here:

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1, 2 and 5. And that was the full series =).
Will start journey to home again in about an hour. What I thought would have been a productive weekend at least turned out to be restful =)

Help: Whats the difference between a tabaxi and a rakasta?

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Some words of encouragement for your day. image apparently from Dungeon Crawl Classics, Doug Kovacs.

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I'm far from my little workspace today, so here's just a drawing I've kept in my phone.

It's a construct or golem, I have a little seies of them drawn.

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I have so many more drawings of warriors with horns like the one from yesterday. They are part of a whole dark fantasy world I was building once upon a time.

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Anyone else on here supporting Lasers and Liches?

If you're not, please re-evaluate your life.

how do you explain the class race relationship to new players? How do you help them get to a character that they would like to play?

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