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If you wonder what these weird "fantasy / magic ..." things I post are; they are generated with lists of ideas I have written myself, or asked other authors for permission to use.
You can generate your own stuff here:

scifi / starship : Starship looks and quirk 

This spaceship looks like a cross between a pagoda tower and a rocket, the base level is engine rooms and machinery, while the top is reserved for speckles commanders. The engine of the ship is an unknown artifact, that runs off one single mysterious particle, the particle seems to be of unnatural source and defies quantum description.

scifi / spaceman : Alien job role 

A Quarren (aka Squid Heads) who is proud to be a ”credit upcycler“ from a high-class space-brothel and who cannot feel pleasure and is incapable of having a good time, and looks down on any pursuit of pleasure they witness in others.

fantasy / quest : Two hook quests 

The miners at the gold mine were the first to encounter the gold-plague. Now anyone who deals in gold from that mine sickens and dies. In unrelated events a tree has magically awoken in the towns main square, and has decided to run for mayor in the towns elections.

fantasy / quest : Two hook quests 

An old knight has sold his land and put on his old rusty armor to battle evil once again. He is searching for a party and will pay handsomely for companions. On other gossip, a blacksmith has been cursed, every horseshoe he produces makes horses frightened, his nails pop out during the night. He will be ruined if no one helps him break his curse.

scifi / starship : Starship looks and quirk 

A traveling fortress, this spaceship is neither fast nor discrete, but the looks of it do bring the word ”deadly“ into mind. The ships propulsion system is so badly tuned and patched up that it leaves behind a trail of high grade radiation, making this ship the easiest to find in the system.

Went for a walk; found a rooster in a yew tree; got cursed.

There was a new player at our table today. He plays a chaotic neutral druid who refuses to leave his wild shape form.

I'm about ready for this year to be over. So I made next year's resolution.


(2/2) Conditions comparison D&D5e 

Attitude: Charmed, Frightened
Harm: Unconscious
Motor: Exhaustion, Incapacitated
Senses: Blinded, Deafened, Invisible, Stunned, Poisoned
Motor: Grappled, Paralyzed, Petrified, Prone, Restrained

(1/2) Conditions comparison PF2e 

Attitude: Fascinated, Fleeing, Friendly, Frightened, Helpful, Hostile, Indifferent, Unfriendly
Harm: Doomed, Dying, Unconscious, Wounded
Detection: Hidden, Observed, Undetected, Unnoticed
Motor: Clumsy, Drained, Encumbered, Enfeebled, Fatigued, Flat-Footed, Grabbed, Immobilized, Paralyzed, Petrified, Prone, Quickened, Restrained, Slowed
Senses: Blinded, Concealed, Dazzled, Deafened, Invisible, Sickened, Stupefied, Stunned
Other: Persistent Damage (each round)

scifi / spaceman : Alien warrior 

It's a nutty Sarturian equipped with a phaser scattergun and a dimensional staff who just doesn’t see why they would ever pass up a good time. If some pleasurable activity is available, they must agree to participate.

Next PC I make is gonna be just like Corporal Nobbs from .

I've played ttrpgs on and off for 25 years.

I joined a group of older kids when I was about 14 and they helped me cope with a lot of cruel situations. We explored worlds where we felt included and important.
I recently started the 2e players handbook. And I was moved when I read the lines right at the beginning.

fantasy / quest : Hook and legendary quests 

A population of sea creatures came out of a giant sea snail shell that has washed up on the shore, their leader is a orc-octopus who searches for a mighty sea artifact. But on more pressing issues a fallen angel has proclaimed himself the bringer of Armageddon. He is amassing a large black underground lake of “liquid sin” that has corrupted the water of the land.

fantasy / place : A seaworthy ship 

The ship is composed of oak and pine, of fine make, and thick canvas sails with a grinning gnome figurehead and armed with cannonballs etched with magic runes, it is said that the age of the ship is unknown and its original logs lost to the sea. Oddly the ship is never visited by gulls. The crew is made of a regiment of conscript humans, who are a chaotic, homogenous, and single-minded rabble.

Its Monday, but you can do this...

Except that spooky ghost woman begs to differ! Oh no!

scifi / starship : Starship looks and quirk 

A mass of alien materials resembling bones, organs and skeletons compose this complicated starship which seems to have a pulse of its own. This spaceship seems to have been infused with some temporal distortion radiation, always displaying the place where it previously was instead of where it currently is.

fantasy / adventurer : Druid 

A nilbog druid of the Circle of the Seasons who earned the trust and friendship of a myconid colony and would rather kill an elf than an elephant.

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