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If you wonder what these weird "fantasy / magic ..." things I post are; they are generated with lists of ideas I have written myself, or asked other authors for permission to use.
You can generate your own stuff here:

scifi / spaceman : Alien adventurer 

It's a notable Metron in a neutron field armor from a nebula that can bee seen only by those who believe in it who lives in a reality almost entirely different than our own. Instead of people they see anthropomorphic animals, instead of blood and death they see silly slapstick comedy.

fantasy / place : Town 

You see a quaint little village on a hill called Mirthnook. Every structure in the village has a name. Person names, like Sarah, John, and Amy. The townsfolk talk about the buildings as though they are people, and refer to a structure’s opinions and emotional states. They aren’t crazy, it’s just an unusual form of animism.

fantasy / quest : Hook and legendary quests 

When the graveyard keeper was found dead, everyone blamed grave robbers, but when he walked back to work the next night some doubts were cast on that story. To make things worse last winter an iceberg floated right into the city port, an enormous ice golem emerged and attacked the port, the royal fleet thinks more will come this winter.

fantasy / item : Book 

At the rangers home you find a book cased in desert sand colored leather and written in violet orcish letters that say ”Favored terrain catalog. With full color poster inside!“.

Thank you all for the feedback. I cant wait to get home and check out some more alternative game sources!

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Hello fellow RPGers, I have an important question:
Where do you buy RPG material?? Maps, minis, box settings, etc.. ??

I only know of drivethrurpg, but it would be great to know more sources... Preferably owned by the publisher themselves.

A fun article about the 'Eeny, meeny, miny, mo' children rhyme... Can you guess its origin?

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That company exists OFF Amazon, too.

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Currently playing a rogue:conman/bard who has told everyone in his party he is priest. So far no one has noticed...

... But, we are gonna be in biiiig trouble when the blows start falling.

BTW is it Dwarven or Dwarvish? Elven or Elvish?

Is there a difference?

fantasy / encounter : Gnome 

The gnome tells you of an old gnomish chronicler insult: “You could bleach a lich”.

scifi / starship : Starship looks and quirk 

Built into an asteroid these ships are common but vary greatly in size, some are large enough for deep space travel, others are no bigger than a shuttlecraft. As a result from a time paradox, this ship has two copies of the same crew and a double inventory of resources, but now everyone is confused about who is the original.

fantasy / adventurer : Barbarian 

An alaghi barbarian of the Path of Abomination who killed and then devoured six wild boars on one sitting and only sleeps with the lights on.

fantasy / quest : Two hook quests 

The yearly migration of aurochs has begun and the barbarian hide hunters have chased the stampede straight on route to a small unwalled farming town. This is somehow related to a family of women have been using magic to help the villagers for months until they were discovered to be hags, and now everyone owes them a favor.

fantasy / adventurer : Adventurer class, origin and backstory 

A chaotic neutral dragonborn arcane archer with bisque eyes, who originally is from a swamp town where people get around using giant docile crocodiles and paddles and has delusions of grandeur.

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The pirates had followed the magyk compass for months, through strange, impossibly exotic locations, discovering the myths they believed and feared to be true, yet overcoming each one together.

Finally, they reached The Spot. They began digging at dawn; and gave up for the day at sunset.

"Maybe friendship be the treasure?" offered the cabin boy.

They all paused, then simultaneously swore.

For indeed, that was the treasure they had found.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

scifi / starship : Starship looks and quirk 

What looks like a giant seashell, a conical spiral with no visible propulsion, its design is intended to ”screw“ into the fabric of space-time ripping through it. The outer hull has a space parasite that is outlawed in most places, as its eggs will clog systems and nacelles, venting into space, eventually infecting anything it touches.

fantasy / item : Book 

At the wizards home you find a tome cased in green colored parchment and written in piggy pink halfling letters that translates loosely to “Potion Haberdashery: Make your brews taste good!”.

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