Of course this will all be moot of the current flatline continues, but fingers crossed!

For example, the instruction card could remind them that a center mark only means "not binary," not necessarily "androgynous," and can include agender.

It could point out that a mark on one end could actually be a gender-fluid person's current expression at the time of meeting them.

It could offer a quick primer on pronouns.

It could remind the user to consider that "woman" doesn't always mean "feminine," etc.

So that's the plan. It's the best I know of, but I'm open to more ideas!

But the alternative is to fail to take the opportunity to push gamers a little bit further from "everybody's a man", and I didn't want to just leave that be (and indeed, was advised not to).

The compromise solution that was suggested to me was to feature the gender slider, but also include an "instruction card" to prompt the user to consider some of the issues that had been raised.


Putting aside for a moment the fact that gender is infinite and therefore hard to implement in this deck to begin with, letting the card list expand too far beyond a feasible deck size means choosing combinations to exclude, which is itself problematic:

What if all the NBs are young?
What if all the agender folks are elves?

Things like that. Basically, representing infinite diversity in a card deck is inherently flawed. I honestly almost scrapped the project.


Excellent points!
I spoke to some folks beforehand about how best to respect gender diversity within the logistical constraints of the project. Other concerns were raised as well, such as the issue of butch women and femme men.

The problem is the exponential growth of the deck size. The number of potential cards (w/o repeats) = the # of options for one variable, times the # of options for the next variable, times the # of options for the next, and so on.


It's the horizontal slider bar near the top. (The graphics to mark the ends aren't in yet.)

Trying to reflect that gender is a spectrum. ^_^

Uh, maybe I should've mentioned this to begin with because now there's only two slots left, but you can customize a card — effectively letting you put your favorite character into other people's games as an NPC — by pledging at the top level.

Get your spot before it's gone!


Need something to help you out when your players ask for details of a random, nameless NPC?

Your games just got a little bit easier:


I've got something big in the works for and my patrons are getting the first sneak preview.

Soon, you'll be able to build a caster themed around a single element without having to pick any off-theme spells. Check it out:


The site won't let you add a FAQ to a Kickstarter until it launches, so here's a Google doc draft of the FAQ for the Kickstarter!

(Doc includes a link to the KS campaign preview.)


Both feedback and boosts are appreciated!

I just learned that becoming a "Copper Bestseller" on the means 51+ copies sold. Here's where I stand right now. It'd mean the world to me to crack that threshold.

The prices top out at $5, so maybe you could give one a try?
Link: bit.ly/2MxD64i

(Please boost!)

Would anybody be willing to offer feedback on the first draft of my new Kickstarter?

I don't have any images yet (they're in the works) but I have a draft of the project description. I'd love to know if I've left important info out or if anything's confusing or weird.

Also, suggestions for higher pledge tiers would be super useful.



I wish I were a bigger company so that I could scoop up all the victimized creators and give them jobs and make their dreams come true, but I'm not.

But I'm happy to do anything I can, whether as Purple Aether or personally as @jskellogg

Want to see a different angle on classic fantasy roleplaying?

Check out Dungeon Grind: a single-session tabletop game about the un-glamorous work behind becoming a legendary adventurer!

The beta is available now at a discounted price, and getting it means a free upgrade to the final release when it comes along. Don't miss out!


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