anyone have some good articles on fantasy economy stuff? i'm trying to keep it a bit grounded here, no magic swords that cost about the gdp of an entire region.

Spotify just suggested Crab Rave for my Abyssal Realm inspiration playlist.

...I mean, it's not a bad suggestion.

Thought of the day: Abyssal Realm dwarves (see ) need a dadaist counterculture movement.

Me: forgets to check the local/federated timelines and follow people

Me: "why are there so few posts on my home feed"

Do you need the Dread Gazebo in your life? Because that's a thing you can get a miniature for on Etsy.

Tip to improve any edition of Changeling: The Dreaming 

What do you think of the idea of armor being a bonus to HP instead of a damage/damage chance reduction?

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yall wanna see some weird maps cooked up by this fungal search algorithm i'm learning about? yeah you do

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Please read if you make websites 

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Playing DND and defeating bosses by making them feel valid. #dnd #mood

@allegras1stmate And that's all for tonight! I'm gonna put on a pot of coffee and start thinking out some actual crunch for this. Gods know I've procrastinated long enough.

re: Demons (CW: mental illness, body horror-) 

Demons (CW: mental illness, body horror-) 

Marked (CW: +body horror) 


re: Magic Items 

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