Hello I would like to announce that I'm not dead.

No other announcements.

anyone have some good articles on fantasy economy stuff? i'm trying to keep it a bit grounded here, no magic swords that cost about the gdp of an entire region.

Spotify just suggested Crab Rave for my Abyssal Realm inspiration playlist.

...I mean, it's not a bad suggestion.

Thought of the day: Abyssal Realm dwarves (see tabletop.social/@potato/101185 ) need a dadaist counterculture movement.

Me: forgets to check the local/federated timelines and follow people

Me: "why are there so few posts on my home feed"

Do you need the Dread Gazebo in your life? Because that's a thing you can get a miniature for on Etsy.


Tip to improve any edition of Changeling: The Dreaming 

Find and replace Sidhe with 'Giant Floating Eyeball(s).'

What do you think of the idea of armor being a bonus to HP instead of a damage/damage chance reduction?

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yall wanna see some weird maps cooked up by this fungal search algorithm i'm learning about? yeah you do

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Please read if you make websites 

Hey web devs, please test your sites on Firefox: zeldman.com/2018/12/07/browser

Firefox will soon be the only major browser not based on Google technology. This is BAD!
Remember IE6? Don't let it come that far again, please!
Make sure your websites work just as great in Firefox as they do in Chrome!

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Playing DND and defeating bosses by making them feel valid. #dnd #mood

@allegras1stmate And that's all for tonight! I'm gonna put on a pot of coffee and start thinking out some actual crunch for this. Gods know I've procrastinated long enough.

re: Demons (CW: mental illness, body horror-) 

The exact symptoms depend on which one you're dealing with. How many there are is unknown.

When certain conditions are met, full-on possessed people will most commonly messily transform into large and extremely dangerous monsters, varying per each demon.

Theories for their origin range from them being related to the gods in some way to them being native inhabitants of the dimension magical energy comes from.

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Demons (CW: mental illness, body horror-) 

Demons are a magical parasite.

Using certain spells, seeing certain magical glyphs or just absurdly bad luck in general can end up with you being possession by one of them.

At first, they're easy to miss, but anywhere from a few days to a few months after possession, the victim will be possessed completely, with pretty much everything you'd expect that to imply (insanity, spinning heads, irresistible urges, etc.)

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Marked (CW: +body horror) 

Marked are the people the gods choose as mentioned earlier.

If they embrace their role, they gain both magical abilities and physical characteristics (if applicable) related to the god that's chosen them over time.

Depending on which one it is, that can be cool, like having rocky armor for skin, or kinda icky, like having fungi growing on, and eventually making up most of your body.

But, y'know, that last one is actually a pretty sweet option if that's your aesthetic.

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There are twelve gods on Dyblisk. None of them are remotely human, and they mostly just don't care about inconveniencing people. There's only one of each and they can't be permanently killed even if you can stick a pointy metal stick in 'em; they'll reappear later on in a new body.

They also have followers, but it's less that people set out to follow their example or worship them on purpose and more that they find people that suit them and start giving them magical powers and expectations.

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re: Magic Items 

On the other hand, if you want your sword to go and shoot fireballs, or pierce any armor, or glow when you're in danger, that's going to be on the non-folk end of things.

And, you know, probably require a bunch of expensive materials and require an actual wizard that also knows how to make weapons, or how not to mess up one someone else made.

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