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UPDATE/CORRECTION: I have a 3000 word piece that needs a diversity review by 13 June. The reviewer must be a PoC, and preferably a black woman from the American South, as that's the character involved. FASA Games Inc. will pay the going rate. Please contact me privately if interested.

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the first song i choreographed devil sticking for was "we will rock you" by queen, so this tracks

busted out my devil sticks to mess around to the marielda theme and am now realizing that i treat my devil sticks like a percussion instrument

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Hey, I remember people asking me to publish that essay about videogames as art when it was done, and I'm finally remembering to do that now! I'm also adding the powerpoint if anyone wants it.

✨​Essay, about 6 pages:

✨​Slideshow, about 10 slides:

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pigeon got stuck inside my kitchen and i got to pick her up to get her outside and i can't believe i've achieved my dream of picking up a pigeon on my birthday, wow

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ive been having trouble drawing somethign concrete tonight, but here's a tiefling who may actually be a dragon in disguise

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guess i'm going to commiecon this weekend

needed a break from the thing i was drawing earlier, did some (four) busts.

9hr 22min of transcripts to go through, to touch up.

finished the bulk of them yesterday

*almost done*

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(softly, with feeling) half elves (and half orcs and etc.) are *explicitly* mixed race, don't be boring about it blease

and my human fighter. It took a couple tries to get her right

And hey, my half-elf rogue. Likes to fiddle with stuff all the time.

Doodling &D profiles for my character sheets. Maybe someday I'll be able to play a half-elf warlock.

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