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#introduction hi all

I'm a musician and instrument builder doing original RURAL SPACE MUSIC 👨‍🚀⛰️

I work with electric gourd, my various chromatic and mountain dulcimers, bamboo flutes, and such things.

I do this stuff solo and with my trio Twang Darkly. You can find the music on all those streaming platforms that folks use.

Here's a sample of some electric gourd which might give you an idea

Then again, it might confuse the issue 🤷‍♀️

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Shameless plug: my commissions are open again!
I do of all sorts of different things, ranging from D&D characters, concept art, illustrations, and a lot of twitch art for streamers! I'm open to long projects as well!


"Did you know that capitalizing each word in a hashtag means screen-readers can parse the words correctly for sight-impaired people."

- Dr. Jess Berentson-Shaw

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Any good adventures lately? Our last session was quite epic from my POV.

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Time to do an for Mastodon I guess. I'm from Northern Ireland, I'm been playing , specifically 40,000 since I was a kid and have recently (re?)discovered a love for video games, having pretty much ignored everything since N64.

I'm a developer and digital specialist for a publisher, I occasionally at and I'm co-creator and producer for

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Hello there,

I am a gamer from America with an overall focus on Board and card games. I've been playing video games since I was little and fell in love with board games in the last 10 years or so. I love any kind of board game and love sharing new and exciting board games with people.

I look forward to interacting with people in this group! Trying to completely step away from Facebook cause it's an absolute mess.

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Hey all! - super new to this place, and excited about it. I've been a RPG player for 30+ years (on and off) I'm back into a regular monthly Pathfinder game and we are blessed to have a kick-ass DM. Al is the best DM I've ever had the honour to RPG with. Very stoked to be here and looking forward to interacting with the community here &d &d

Hello world! I am so excited to be part of the Mastadon world. Just learning about how it all works.

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