Seriously, I call BS on everyone publishing "adventures" in print or PDF only. If the last half year has taught me anything it's that EVERY "adventure" that intends to actually get played should also come as a plain text file (with maybe a minimal Markdown flavor). Because that's the simplest "portable" format for referees to track the evolution of a place as it gets overrun and changed by generations of adventurers. As @kensanata says, scribbling into a hardcopy simply does not scale!

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@phf @kensanata do you have some examples of plaintext adventures? I’m especially interested in how maps are depicted.

@awildthorp @kensanata I do not have such an example but I also don't say "give me plain text instead of print and PDF" because those have their uses. It's more like "give me plain text in addition, so I can edit easily as things change in my campaign". As things stand there's a good amount of boring/annoying work for someone like me to copy/paste the text out of a PDF in the correct order. If the author would provide this, a lot of us referees wouldn't have to do that extra work.

@phf @kensanata that makes sense. I’m writing a micro adventure/dungeon right now and I hadn’t considered putting it in plaintext. That makes good sense though. Especially in markdown

@rayotus @kensanata Aaahhhh... Sorry, you find me confused, i.e. I don't understand your comment. The word "layout" seems to imply "can't edit" which would defeat my purpose but... Please expand?

@rayotus @kensanata No apologies necessary! 😄 So someone else also seems to have understood that I am saying "I want plain text and only plain text and nothing but plain text or I won't buy your stuff!" which is indeed not what I meant. But running a dungeon for 20 sessions for a diverse player population means the dungeon changes a lot over time and tracking that is easier in plain text (and in my case also git). Another post coming.

@rayotus @kensanata Sadly I still don't know what "control panel layout" means in this context. When I google for it I get a lot of pictures of industrial control panels and people wiring electricity into their houses and whatnot and I am sure it's just a total shortcoming of me that I have no clue what you're referring to. In any case, I am not discouraging it *whatever* it is, I just *also* want plain text. 😄

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