The Barrowmaze game is now 16 sessions old, spread over roughly 5 months so far. Only 4 characters died in the catacombs during that time. A lot has changed, a whole section collapsed requiring players to find a new route. A lot has stayed the same. If I am hoping for anything, it's that sometime soon a group will "open up" a new entrance. Two rumors deep we are on "alternate entrances" and yet it has not happened. I guess my initial warnings about the Barrowmoor were too severe?

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The players have explored about 1/10th of the "original" Barrowmaze map in this time (it would be 1/25th of the "extended" map I guess). If that's the average speed, here's to another five years of continued play. 😄

And tonight they *finally* decided to look around in the actual Barrowmoor. They checked out the big standing stone about Nergal's Chosen. They found the flooded mound with the giant toads, the sunken mound they would have to dig out for hours and hours, and the looted mound that somebody had already... well... looted. 😄 Oh and they found a sinkhole/depression where a room in the Barrowmaze has collapsed so there's that.

@phf it's called "dungeon crawl" for a reason! :D

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