"Conan! What is best in life?" "To keep playing the game you love, to not buy any of their stupid shit, and to giggle when they threaten to sue you!"

I play D&D and there's not a damn thing WotC can do about that. Well, short of sending a level 10 assassin I guess, in classic Gygaxian ToEE style. At least it'll be fun if it's a real Gygaxian assassin. Not a green-washed, polished teeth smile, pseudo-menacing-but-not-too-much, smiling bunny-face WotC assassin. Oh woops! It's "ass ass in" so I guess they can't send one since it would violate their own "sexually explicit content" restrictions. **PRAISE BE HEIRONEOUS, I SAVED FOR SURE!**

Sorry, had the wrong video on this post for an hour. 😕

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Here's Benn's take on the expedition. There's less existential dread here so if you're full of existential dread maybe Cameron's version is more to your liking. youtu.be/rF_6E5gpCXY

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Here's Cameron's take on the expedition. There's less theory here so if you're a physicist maybe Benn's version is more to your liking. youtu.be/xneFdYRV_gM

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Let's be clear, this is my RPG account. So why am I posting two videos that I should really post from my "trying to make music" account instead? Well, because ... there's a cave involved! And despite the music content (well, impulse response content, but who's counting) these are really about spelunking. And the spelunking is scary, in a way no D&D adventure I ever played in or ran has ever felt scary. Even those set in caves. So that's why I am posting these. More below...

Wow, that was a Zothay session that described, basically, 1.5 turns of activity. Maybe 3.5 if you count walking to the dungeon and walking back from the dungeon again. 😄 @PresGas @frotz @kensanata

Jonathan Perkel posted this over on FB and I love it so much I had to repost. I can't find him over here in the so far? The post was titled "stuff we did when we were 12" or something like that. And I really want to throw this into a fancy B/X melee simulator... 😄

Alright, scheduled my first 2023 sessions of A&A and H&H in Zothay and Barrowmaze respectively. If you want a round of Barrowmaze with me, get on our (well, really @wandererbill 's) Discord and sign up for the session. And be quick about it! 😄 betola.de/wandererbill/grenzla

Sieht ganz so aus als wuerde "Das Schwarze Auge" eine grosse "Rolle spielen" in meinem 2023. 😮

Seems highly likely that "The Dark Eye" is destined to "play a role" in my 2023. 😮

If you cannot sit down to play around a camp fire in the middle of nowhere, even after the cataclysm, then it's not really a to begin with.

PSA to nobody in particular: Your massive thread would be just as interesting but massively less annoying if you'd only make the first post "public" and the rest "unlisted" instead. Just saying...

Earlier this year @kensanata and I played "the second team" in a Traveller campaign @wandererbill was running. Sometime in August I wrote some "posthumous" theme music and now I finally had time to do a slightly better mix. Not really happy with it on my shitty headset, but since it sounds fine on the fancy AKG headset... Either buy a better headset or help me get better at mixing songs. 😄 Yes we played wanna-be assassins who were also "famous" rockstars. Like you do. soundcloud.com/walrus-spears-m

Sadly Merlach was eaten by a crab monster and Frumlach was cut in half by an undead pirate skeleton. Krablach and Hegward however made it back to the New Caves of Chaos with 30gp, new crab shields, a bunch of sabres and pirate hats. So... It was a successful expedition?

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@kensanata @frotz @PresGas I never expected that pretend "public works" project to turn into an actual "good deed" that in the end not only "made Zothay safer again" but also helped the party itself. Almost poetic.

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Another session of A&A in Zothay coming up! We've just had the first player character level up over some down-time activities that involved smuggling an old statue to some scary-ass wizard who will turn it into who-knows-what over the next few weeks. The crew has moved onto their boat and is regretting it already since the weather has been ... suboptimal to say the least. Especially the lizard man seems to have trouble waking up what with the recent cold spell... 😄 @kensanata @frotz @PresGas

Museum of Art History, Vienna. I took these a few years ago, sorry for the crappy quality. Not sure if I have the originals somewhere, these are taken from my Facebook account that I am clearing out. Kinda fitting for D&D and Chainmail?

Oh, just to clarify, there were 10 people in the party, 3 primary PCs, 5 henchmen, and 2 hirelings. So it wasn't *just* the one halfling.

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Barrowmaze session 28 tonight. They made short work of Klexx the Maligned who was really not much of a challenge against a bloodthirsty level 4 halfling with a magical dagger. All in all they pulled out over 4,000gp. And they think they "finished" the "easternmost part" of the Barrowmaze. Yeah, well... 😄

I'll get to play this kobold barbarian with three awesome hench-kobolds in @wandererbill's OD&D game later this month. Being part of "Team Chaos!" should be fun, no? 😄 I also ❤️ these character sheets. 😮

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