Whenever I find myself thinking "man, you should really play OD&D sometime" or "dude, let's run a little Holmes game" it lasts all of 2 minutes or so. Then I am back to "nah, B/X is the best, forget the rest" and that's how it's been for years now.

If you really don't want your Astra Zeneca vaccine, just step aside and let them jab me with it instead. 😠

Anyone close to UTC +1 running a regular online game that's (a) easy to drop into and out of and (b) somewhat time-boxed?

"Tell you what, just roll all your dice for damage..." might be the best call Chris Perkins ever made during an AcqInc game. I wonder if it's a coincidence that earlier in the same game they "encountered" Tipsy Special.

(Drawing up a fake treasure map and promising equal shares all around might work as an introduction to the other players.)

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In B/X D&D I'd pick magic-user. My backstory would involve being an entertaining swindler of sorts who worked "part-time" for the thieves guild but didn't realize that the guild was serious about the "no work on your own" thing; so now on the run and looking for a few sturdy companions to relocate with; quickly.

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Say you rolled S:10 I:17 W:7 D:14 C:9 X:13 for a human in whatever version of D&D you like. What class do you pick and what's your one-sentence backstory?

No, we're rolling 3d6 in order. But we roll'em 36 times, generating 14 characters at once. I've got your damn funnel right here! 😄

I'll have to seriously look into playing D&D online next year. One game in all of 2020 is definitely not enough. 😞 Thanks a lot pandemic!

I don't care one bit about what happens with WotC at this point. Yes I did get the 5e books but you know, who has the time. Plenty of play to be had with the 1981 Basic and Expert rules. "Oh that's that bad, sexist, racist D&D, I don't want to play that..." Whatever.

Since I keep directing people from FB to this profile: Yes, it's really me, this is my new home away from home away from home. For RPG stuff anyway. Sign up for any Mastodon instance and then follow me. If I know you personally, I'll certainly follow you back. If I don't know you, well, I'll check out your profile and we'll see.

Feels like the 101th time I've joined yet another mastodon instance? I am a B/X D&D person. I dig reaction rolls. Every few years I post about D&D at nilisnotnull.blogspot.com/ When I grow up, I want to run games like @kensanata does. I don't know if I like social networks anymore. I used to live in Baltimore, MD but I am back in Munich, Germany now. And 2020 has really sucked so far. Well, except for the time when I ran a B/X D&D game at a convention, right before COVID hit.

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