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Hi I’m Dana, JS developer & ex-techwriter. Interested in story & structure.

I’ve recently gotten back in tabletop after 20 years with my wife playing DnD 5E & assorted boardgames.

Also keen to play Phoenix:DawnCommand, Trail of Cthulhu & PbtA games like Epyllion & Headspace. Spends more time reading games than playing.

Grew up on Fighting Fantasy gamebooks in primary school in 1986. Dragon Warriors & DnD Basic in 1988. Some AD&D2E. WH40K 1992-95. MagicTG 1993-2000ish.

The weekends 2nd gaming session is over, missing child rescued and ruined temple escaped from. And we got paid.

I find it really hard to get feedback from players after a session.

So as dust settles, my player's got about half-way through chapter 1. The Kenku learned some new phrases including “beer bird” and “fucking pretty boy rich kid”.

Starting DragonHeist today and I am so underprepped.

Honestly sounds like an excellent excuse to use a whole lot of bad accents at the table. ;-)

And I think we are going to head canon that Kenku have a sign-language version of Auran which most Kenku would know and use in their own communities.

Depends a lot on the Kenku in question, like maybe they've never heard anyone say the word “duck” but they know what one is and they have heard one quack so they just mimic the quack instead. Until someone says the word “duck” and then they can mimic that.

It might be a bit off-putting to those not used to Kenku, but for the companions of the Kenku it would quickly be not that much more different than someone with a heavy accent that is hard to understand.

After more reading and discussion: most Kenku who interact with other races would be able to communicate verbally perfectly fine.

It would sound a bit weird though, like many people taking turns saying different words and phrases, some bits in different languages or the sound of something instead of the word itself.

Want to disorient your players? Give them character sheets with the ability scores in alphabetical order.

Interesting how we have normalised strength and dexterity at the top, and wisdom and charisma at the bottom.

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Me: See, the station is supposed to be ugly. It was built by the Cardassians and literally hung over Bajor during the occupation but that same oppression has left the Bajorans in a position where they can't just build a new station and are forced to work with what they've got. So the ugly legacy of colonialism is the literal backdrop of the show.

Barista: Okay, but did you want whip cream on that?

Me: Yes please.

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1) it's cool that soldier 76 is gay
2) it's very clearly a calculated safe move by blizzard to do so
3) if you rely on major corporations to deliver queer content you'll be forever trying to make a meal out of table scraps
4) support small queer artists directly

Maybe it’s just me but a lot of what I see & hear about OSR just looks elitism to be honest.

I have a player with a Kenku rogue in the game I’m starting in Saturday. I see zero reason why they couldn’t communicate with sign language. They aren't stupid, they are just can’t vocalise in their own tongue. Really glad I read the PF2 test as they mention sign language as a general thing that characters could have - it never occurred to me ... or the DnD designers either.

Or Pacific Rim ... during the early Kaiju attacks when Jager pilots were just coming into their own.

It's 2019

Get down to
To defeat the huns

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