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Hello everyone,
I have been playing TTPGs for the past one and a half years. I started with D&D 5e, but has since tried out other systems as well.
I am really interested in role playing and TTRPG design, and often tinker with homebrew mechanics.
If you are also interested in these things, please drop me a text. I'd be more than excited to talk :)

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Hello, my name's Peter, I'm Polish but I live in Vancouver, BC now.

New to Mastodon, not new to gaming.

Started playing with WFRP 1ed back in 1998, quickly moved on to homebrew worlds. Loved Call of Cthulhu since the 5th edition. After a 10 year hiatus I got back to the hobby with OSRs, FATE (Mindjammer), and curiosity about D&D 5E, Numenera and Runequest.
Writing my crazy OSR inspired thing.
, , and

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Hello! I am new to Mastodon. Very glad to have somewhere cozy to hang my hat. 😁​
Been playing for about a decade, mostly but also plenty of & homebrew stuff. Way into board games as well (Catan is life).
I have a homegrown system/setting in the works, but it's been on the backburner. Kind of a neo-Southern Gothic punk setting based on folklore from the American South (I'm from MS, live in AR). Will post here if I decide to update/publish.

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Google will pay Apple 15 billion dollars to remain default Safari search engine in 2021 on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

This is the price of your personal data, Apple users.

Google knows how to move strategically to know everything about you and this is temible.

If your privacy is important for you you should think twice about what devices and software you use on your daily basis.


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RT @Tybawai
Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid is NOW LIVE - Spread the word!

Buy @Liylawar for $5, get 1,020 items for free! Available until THIS Friday.

All proceeds donated for Palestinian Aid. RT appreciated!

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Yo, skill challenges in D&D 4th edition are lit!

I mean, I just know the basics and I have of course never played, but from reading the description and a few examples... they have a weirdly indie feel to them 😄 Like the rules actually help the narrative, instead of having the typical "hands off" attitude towards the story.

And although it seems mind-bogglingly complex to handle at play, I kind of like the thing with powers, too. I'll have to read a bit more about all this 😄

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I have known for some time that lots of people that don't generally like D&D (even the story game crowd) seem to like D&D 4th.

So, what about it? Anyone that can explain and/or has some good videos or articles I can get the information from?

Tbh I don't think I'll ever play either way (too many games, and I don't even like fantasy) but who knows! Also, might be able to get ideas for other games or whatever.

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Hi! This is my .

I'm Eunice, a twenty-something worker and student who occasionally enjoys tabletop games and wants to get into again. I've played a bit since high-school, but never got to complete a single story (save for a Call of Cthulhu one-shot a friend once ran). I've played and , and got to participate in creating characters and planning a little for and

Pleased to join you all! :heart_nb:

Language related spells have always been really weird to me, in 5e. Like, how do they work? Do they draw from the collective memory? Is there a record of all languages? What about slangs and regional dialects? What if I'm speaking a conlang that only my sister and I know?
Narratively, they remove all tension when interacting with a foreign culture. At higher levels, they also make language proficiencies useless.
Not to mention how the world would change if there are no linguistic barriers.

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Hi everyone, coming in for my post - fairly new to tabletop gaming, recently started playing Castle Ravenloft with the wife, late arrival to D&D - pre-COVID also got a chance to play a couple of group sessions on Call of Cthulhu and really loved it, hope to do it again with the guys! 3D Printing enthusiast and licensed seller for fantasy and mecha miniatures, so if you're looking for cool high detailed minis, let me know! Apart from that, hoping to learn heaps on tabletop gaming!

Almost one year since my campaign started. It's been quite the experience DMing a long term campaign.

I've been trying to figure out how to use leaflet.js to make a campaign map for my D&D game.
Couldn't even get past the first step of taking an image of the map and converting it into tiles.
Has anyone tried anything like this? How did it go?

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Hello all! In the interest of finding out how the Fedi skews, I want to run another age poll. Please pick the decade that you fall in (there are two polls; if you don't belong in the first, you may belong in the second).

Boosts welcome and encouraged!

Ran a burning wheel game for 4 sessions. The mechanics are extremely interesting, but needlessly complicated and unrewarding for the GM.
But I am gonna rip off some ideas and homebrew them onto D&D. Artha mechanics alone can help RP a lot, I think.

Gonna run my first Burning Wheel session tomorrow. Quite excited, a little nervous.

One of the toughest things about playing online is that only one conversation can happen at time. This means fewer opportunities for RP between the players.
Does anyone know of any means to have positional audio on a voice call? The sound should change in volume according to a configuration and if possible, in direction too. This should give a better feel of sitting around a table.

FoundryVTT is on 25% discount right now.
I strongly recommend Foundry over any other VTTs. It's a one time fee, only the GM needs to purchase, and it has the best community I've seen.
Only catch is that you need to self host.

Bards in 5e are the most misunderstood class. Bards should be lore keepers who travel around the world to learn mysteries, legends and history. They should be story tellers who enchant kings and peasants alike, with their tales.

Instead, they are stereotyped as teens who can't keep it in their pants. A shame, imo.

My favorite replacement for 5e's feats system: Talent Trees

They are interlinked, and give the players a much better sense of progression.

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Hi everyone! I'm coming over from the fosstodon instance. It's a fine place, but it reminds me too much of work. I'm a huge fan of all tabletop games, though RPGs and Card Games are probably what I play the most. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community and talking about nerd stuff with all of you!

Socializing is pretty impossible now days, so I'm glad to have found an online community that is excited about the things I'm excited about.

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