Hi all! I'm Vince, a demiguy who likes to create characters on D&D Beyond and never play them because I can never find a consistent gaming group and I have a toddler!

Recently I started writing Solarota, a solarpunk TRPG book based on the Fate Accelerated and Fate Core systems. It's nearly at alpha stage, and so I created this account to solicit advice and to share it with people who love tabletop games!

I'm glad to be here and hope that you guys like what I do!

@paperfixie Welcome to the table! I've written with Fate Core before, so hopefully I can offer useful advice.

@voidspiral oh that's awesome! thanks! I will post some stuff in a bit, though currently it's all hidden in a private GitHub repo, if you have a GitHub account I can add you to it once it's in alpha if you're interested in reading/playtesting.

@paperfixie I do actually. I use GitLab myself, but I've got both. for represent!

@paperfixie And I'll totally at least read. We indies always need more readers, testers, and support.

@voidspiral I have GitLab, I think I'll take advantage of the mirror feature so I don't alienate anyone. It's going to be CC-BY anyways, so if more people want to fork it, the better!

@paperfixie I'm and, whenever that becomes relevant. Look forward to seeing some more Fate stuff here on TT.S

@voidspiral fun fact: I haven't even played Fate, it was just through reading about various open systems and having it seem like the right balance of crunchy rules/rules lite RP that I could adapt it to fit my setting more easily without having to rewrite the whole thing.

Also I know as a GM, I like rolling dice and many other systems like PbtA don't have that. Though I do love the fact that you don't need special dice for PbtA and how that makes it way more accessible as well.

@voidspiral Also your HFA looks fun AF! I'm a big fan of not playing as a human haha.

@paperfixie Awesome! Both of my big releases were strongly non-human, its' sort of my schtick I guess.

@paperfixie Yeah we've had some pretty extensive discussions about Fate and PBTA around here. You may find that a lot of people are put off by Fate, unfortunately, and I've spent a lot of time in my games working to counteract the problems people have with Fate just to get them to look at the game.

@paperfixie I should really write a blog post about that; I spent a lot of time researching it and trying to understand.

One of the most legit concerns is that the core resolution mechanic is potentially more complex and time consuming than other systems.

@paperfixie The other is that it was an indie game that got sort of over-popular, so people are reactive against it at this point.

Another is that players have "too much" narrative control.

Another is that people thing they're not "allowed" to roleplay AS their character, instead of guiding their PC into trouble

@voidspiral man now I'm kinda wishing I did the work on a PbtA game :P but it seems like it'll be a fun game (at least I hope so)

@voidspiral What I wanted to make sure was there was to expand on the things I like about RPGs (level progression, getting cool skills and planning out how that will interplay with how I think about my character) with the things that I can take or leave about RPGs (loads of math, hard rules around positioning or materials for spells). I just looked at your Obliette game and wow I think I need to pick it up, because I think we like the same things about games. :P

@paperfixie Yeah, that's sort of where I came from on O2E, for sure. In that case it was less of "I don't want the amount of crunch to be like D&D" and more of "I'm interested in DIFFERENT crunch from D&D." I did try several other systems for that game before settling on Fate, though, so that's always an option. Never be afraid to throw out work if it makes the product better in the end.

@voidspiral Obliette is definitely on the wishlist for next gaming book purchase. <3

@paperfixie PBTA IS definitely a lot of fun to write, but it can be tricky in its own way too.

@voidspiral ah ok, yeah I can see that. I did try to simplify things (which helps that I used FAE) since there's only 6 approaches and I translated them into the more traditional STR, CON, DEX... style and gave the GM control over what kind of skill checks they would use. I don't necessarily mind giving players narrative control, as long as I can turn it around on them.

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