Started working on Solarota again! I realized that I was feeling blocked by thinking of the minutiae of porting Blades in the Dark rather than focusing on the part of games I like thinking about, character creation. So I'm working on the character creation parts and then focus on porting the core gameplay.

I really hope to actually get this one at least to playtesting sometime next year though!

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So I've been working on translating the Blades in the Dark SRD to Solarota and mixing in the lore elements I previously wrote for the game, I also made the GitHub repo private for the time being. Not sure when it'll be public again yet, but I'd prefer to at least get the SRD translated first before it's public.

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Been awhile since I've posted. Got a new lease on brainspace for writing Solarota recently. I decided to swap systems to Forged in the Dark (funny for a game based in solarpunk), because it has all the cooperative elements I like baked in, as well as it fit my goals of having action based play, cooperation, and accessibility be the three tenants of the game.

Been awhile since I've been here because Solarota was being shadow developed while I was at work. Work is now busy but I was having thoughts about how to handle leveling character skills without making it insanely hard for me to create new skills to use for each class. It's still no where near being ready to go, but know that it's still in my brain!

No updates to Solarota in awhile because I'm running a D&D campaign currently and I also started rethinking my "leveling" mechanic that I think is a combo of too restrictive and too overpowered at the same time. Also coming up with 18 different "skills" that each job can learn is exceedingly daunting. I think I'd rather have lists of potential stunts that grow over time. Do I even need a dynamic to show power/capability in a game that's about an egalitarian, communist society?

NGL, I wanna play this race so badly.

Muppetborn - Very Serious 5e Race

Game design Q?, Fate Accellerated 

Solarota right now employs opposition that is built in the style of Fate Core, but originally I was using the Stress tracks that Fate Core was employing, but have since switched back to Fate Accellerated Edition's style of stress tracks.

Should I swap back to FAE opposition style to account for this? I worry that I might have made the NPCs too strong for the health tracks that the characters have.

Finished the character sheet. Not sure if I should tweak it.

Anyone have feelings or critiques?

Game Mechanics Q? 

Ok for a defense roll that critically succeeds, what's the better optional mechanic?

(Note the defense mechanic is you roll 1d6 - attackers 1d6 to determine damage dealt)

* **Critical Success**: You either take no damage, or roll 1d6 to defend and gain +2 to your roll on your next turn.


* **Critical Success**: You either take no damage, or roll 1d6 to defend and deal the shift back to your attacker.

A nice little of the character sheet design I'm working out in Affinity Designer.

It's based around the FAE sheet, but with a lot of mods to make it work for Solarota's system.

One of my favorite things about Magpie Games' various PbtA games is they put a ton of effort into removing the white cis male as default trope from their games. They call it out in its own section in the character creation chapters to explore others' experiences as well as on the actual Playbooks themselves. They do a very simple sort alphabetically on their ethnic and gender identities lists. I'm sure it's not perfect, but it seems like a good start.

Experimenting with logos for Solarota, found a font that I love and using that and's flag designs as inspiration found this logotype. I'm trying to decide if I like the gear as lines or solid. Leaning towards lines right now since it matches the rest of the typeface.


It's funny that I have only played TTRPGs a handful of times, but I love reading source books and creating imagined games in my head. I really hope I can find a group to play with soon.

Anyone have recommendations for software to design character sheets?

@voidspiral when you have some time, can you take a peek at the mechanics I have in place on Solarota and give me your opinion on if it seems solid enough to keep moving forward with that base?

Ok, the conflict system has been updated. If anyone has any critiques on better ways to optimize it, let me know!

FYI: There may be some broken links or improperly ordered sections that I need to go back to and fuss with once the content is finished.

@paperfixie This is awesome, and super fitting! Btw, have you seen this episode of Extra Credits, talking about how mechanics like this can influence how a game is played?

At 3:44 they talk about Pugmire, which is a DnD based tabletop game that changed up the mechanics to deemphasize combat. Might be relevant!

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