hmmm I think I'm going to have to swap back to FAE's generic 3 block stress track 3 block consequences from Fate Core's since I'm going back to using approaches instead of having CON/WIS style attributes that effect how much you can protect yourself against physically or mentally.

Actually this is probably a good idea, since I'm learning more that Solarota shouldn't be driven by combat, but more social and environmental encounters.

@voidspiral also I've been using 3d6s as a fidget since deciding to use that and they feel really good to roll :)

Thanks for dealing with my word walls!

@voidspiral I also want to have the chips fall where they may rather than the typical negotiating with a Fate point. So Fate points could either be currency for Stunts or be used for advantage on an important role, or perhaps both to make people more wary of throwing away a Fate Point if they can't use it after the fact.

@voidspiral That way it remains approachable to beginners because they describe the how they do something, get to live in the character more, and the skills can be a custom list based on each job. Stunts can then be based on having required skills or being generic to the job. Magic users get MP to spend on spells, which will have different sizes based on the skill tier they end up at, but still leave the system open for creativity.

@voidspiral My next idea is to go back to using the idea of approaches since that is HOW you would approach a situation and then using the skills pyramid as special things you know how to do. Like if you have a +1 skill in Repairs, sure you can try to fix the thing, but what are you repairing and how do you try to repair it? Is it a fussy jukebox and you approach it Forcefully and whack it like Fonzie? Or are you trying to fix a computer and need to fix it Carefully? Add the modifier to the roll

@voidspiral currently I'm thinking of handling Fate points sort of like inspiration or as a reward for failure and less as a thing that a GM can compel but use it as currency for invoking your aspects.

@voidspiral I also bought a copy of O2E and reading more about the character/player disconnect and narrative irony of Fate, it's making me feel like maybe either isn't the right system for me or it needs to get hacked a lot to get what I want out of it, because I like living in the characters. Gotta think about how I would hack this...

@voidspiral I think for accessible gameplay, i'm going to implement 3d6 style rolls. I know fate dice can be found a FLGSs but I like the idea that most people could drum up d6s from Yahtzee or something without feeling like they have to buy new dice to play.

@voidspiral I put together the list of things I like about RPGs:

- Designing interesting characters with cool powers
- Seeing what powers I'll get later as a way to think about my character doing more cool stuff later
- Getting those powers at known times
- Cooperating with my party with our unique skills
- Failure being just as fun as success, changes story
- Rolling dice as the GM to feel like I'm playing too
- Deep and interesting world lore to find
- Accessible gameplay, low bar to entry

re: Fate RPG extra idea (long) Show more

If anyone is interested in the PbtA game Urban Shadows, Tabletop Potluck is running a game of it in their current season and running it without mods like every other podcast that's used the system and it's really good.

re: Fate RPG extra idea (long) Show more

re: Fate RPG extra idea (long) Show more

Fate RPG extra idea (long) Show more

I think to make it easier, I'm going to create stunts that are divorced from those specific skills and split them up based on every 5 levels earned getting access to a different tier. I'm considering doing the same for the abilities, because I like the idea of keeping some OP abilities unavailable until you reach a higher tier.

Read that idea on how to make the Fate skill pyramid into an extra to support abilities similar to D&D and now I'm thinking of using that for Solarota. My ONLY issue with it is it would require me to come up with at least 15 things for each job to learn, plus stunts based on those abilities. And that's if I don't give anyone a choice in what kinds of abilities that they can take. Oi I think I just made a bunch more work for myself on this.

Found an interesting idea nugget for running D&D style classes in Fate Core. Not sure if I'm going to implement it or just stick with my tiered stunt system that I'm thinking about right now.

@voidspiral mind if I add you as a read-only to the repo for an opinion on character creation process? I think it's probably a little more complex than it should be and should reel it back in to the FAE style.

@voidspiral I saw from the Oubliette character sheets you have an alternate dice using a d8, do you use a range of -4 to +4 or is it a chart of fail/tie/success/success w/ style?

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