I didn't even know if this was still working. May or may not actually stick around, I struggle to make Mastadon work for me before but what the hell. I've never made twitter actually work, why should this be any different.

I actually couldn't even get logged in on my new computer, had to go back to the old one. Even when I asked to have a password refresh sent to my email I never got anything, so I was wondering if this account got deleted sometime in the past years.


As a re- , my name is Ryan and I enjoy tabletop role playing. Mostly , but I've been expanding out (and haven't actually given WotC money in like 3 years). has been the one that's stuck most, and I've been doing a lot with the system. I've got a Patreon now where I post 3-4 converted or new monster stat blocks a week (for D&D and 13th Age), and occasionally some other game design ideas for one or both systems. I'll need to put that into my profile.

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