Tried out Bunny Kingdom the other night. That was surprisingly interesting and fun! I didn't expect something that static to be so complex and interesting.

It's kinda like right smack dab between terraforming mars and kingdom builder in a lot of ways, with elements of 7 wonders.

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hey everyone! I'm Spiderqueen, or just SQ. i've been RPing for over a decade now, mainly personal fantasy forum rp, then branching to admining a DRoP rp forum with my fiancee!

Tumblr refugee who has 0 idea how mastodon works.

Most importantly, though, I have three cats- Zelda, Sheik, and little Midna!

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If you have a problem with another user, please report them and explain the problem instead of encouraging other users to dogpile them. This isn't Tumblr or Twitter; there are actual moderators here who will try to handle disputes.

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On tabletop social we love pronouns

We like when one wears it on their shirt, with pride

We like them when they finally come out after years in limbo

We even like when they are not there because there is no word good enough to be one's pronoun

Most importantly on tabletop social we know how to use one's favorite pronoun

The thing that weirds me out the most about fantasy settings like D&D and stuff is the fact that the cultures never really evolve. It's like they're stuck that way for thousands of years in this sort of... pseudo-medieval world. It's strange. Shouldn't someone have figured out gunpowder or something by now?

Got my copy of Fireball Island. It's strange to me how so many people online are complaining about the box. I think its great, actually. It's a lovely box, and the pieces and parts of the game look fantastic. The fact that it's a "Euro" game also seems really good in comparison to the original.

I get my copy of Betrayal Legacy tomorrow and I am VERY excited!

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Personal announcement:

I've just done a major overhaul of my Patreon tiers, basically lowering "prices" and packing in more value. You can get custom content for just $1/month, and very nearly everything I make for just $3/month.

Full breakdown here:

Boosts are appreciated!

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Like, I frequently have them accusing me of expecting certain things, ruining my plans, etc. And they're almost always wrong on every point.

Ad-hoc, off the cuff, adaptation of existing plot/content/etc to what players are doing and having them compliment me on my "well thought out" and "carefully planned" content is the best.

Running Tomb of Annihilation is super exciting. One of the really awesome parts of it is all the different threads to tie together!

I really really like running D&D modules. I really love to riff on them, expand them, use them for overall plot. They really make things so comfortable, fast, and easy to run!

One thing that was hard with Charterstone was trying to figure out how to attract other players into playing it. It doesn't have a really strong theme and hides so much of its content behind spoiler warnings. It's difficult to suggest to folks.

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