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Donar and Volta Silvascale. Cleric and Paladin to the Platinum dragon and bickering married couple.

For , a pic of the I gathered a few days ago, wondering where I stopped with their recruitment as a possible warband for . Mostly 2.0 minis with one shaman and an black orc from GW. Looks like I have more than what I need... if I want to actually play Frostgrave.

Hi I'm new here! I'm a cosplayer and I make stuff, like costumes, props, and the occasional bit of homebrew content.

Warhammer 40k Painting 

I have been having some fun getting back into was able to make a decent 2,000pts Wood Elf army from Eureka Miniatures. [Australia] Took me about 3 weeks to sort and paint up to a table top standard certainly won't win any awards but I love how it all comes together. Working on my second army Nurgle Daemon Army. trying to do this 2nd army on a budget. so far its looking around $120NZD. Will post pics once its painted and completed.

There are so many lizard people on my timeline today. What a nice surprise!

One of my favorite paint jobs I've done! A warrior. Reptilefolks are really fun to paint, I'm going to start collecting them!

Old WIP i did a while back (never finished it because i realized too late that it was in the wrong size/dpi and it looked terrible zoomed in) of a lizardfolk storm sorcerer I made a while back. She was supposed to be a former sailor and carry around a huge belaying pin as a staff.
I really just wanted to make a lizardfolk based off of a marine iquana <_<
Haven't gotten to play her yet, but i love her concept and i hope i get to bring her out soon

Ayshtel the yuan-ti warlock and Verda the lizardfolk fighter - and let's not forget Ayshtel's archfey patron/familiar Koefy. Just some fun characters that I enjoy writing for.

This is my Aarakocra tempest/storm sorcerer. He yells a lot because he's partially deaf. Signature move is Bean Throw, to expel demons (see Setsubun). DM thought that was hilarious so now they sting evil-aligned creatures upon contact.

So, my mom got this out of storage and brought it down to me at Thanksgiving. 21 years ago I painted my first 3d "miniature". He's ceramic, I painted him in the evenings at a ceramic shop owned by a friend of mine mom's. Battle Brother Forscale put in an appearance too so you can see just how huge this beastie is

In my Bio I mentioned painting as a hobby- to iterate on that, I do some miniature painting! Below I have a diorama I made out of all the minis I've painted so far. Everything except the barbarian in the center was done by me, and the floors and walls were all 3d Printed!

is finished... Except for her base, since I'm still not sure about which color for the leaves. Autumn orange for the mood or green for contrast and life?
Nothing much to say about her. "Official color scheme" with less red and gold on the weapons. Too sunny for my taste. I wanted them more "stormy". Because, you know... .

I really didn't like this mini at first, but it grew on me while painting. Very happy with the fuse and smoke!

In fact, I'm probably too happy with this guy, whenever I got to field him he was incapacitated even before the first turn, talk about painted mini syndrome!

I haven't painted him bc he is very small and I obvi don't have the hand eye coordination for that scale, but here's my miniature of Renael compared to my d20! Made by HeroForge, an AMAZING site I highly reccomend!

@rafu Anyway, I have a lot of thoughts on the matter but I'll try to rein it in. Thanks for sharing the article!

Out here trying to shake an open bottle of paint. -______-

One lost lonely boi. (From the space marine heroes blind boxes.)

Finishing up the base for my entry to the painting competition at PAX Unplugged. Is anybody else entering?

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