Currently working on a Blood Bowl commission. The set just came out and it goes together so well. I was terrified I was going to snap a tiny bone cutting them off the sprue.

@paintandwires Those look fantastic! I really like the skintones on that ghoul!

@WilliamAdcock Thank you! The first pass came out nasty, pepto bismol pink so I had to knock it back today with some purple. XD

@paintandwires I did a unit of Pink Horrors for AoS a year or so ago and had the same issue on the second go-around; first paintjob took about six coats to get a solid pink over a white undercoat, and it just looked chalky and clogged up. Stripped them, redid it, got Pepto Bismol, managed to save it with some purple washes.

@WilliamAdcock Nice to see I'm not alone! Do you have any pictures of your Sigmar stuff?

@paintandwires not too many surprisingly, but here are a few of the better pics. Everything is in storage since I quit playing AoS, I might get it down and take a few more pics later.

@WilliamAdcock Wow! I love the tiny details, like the colored eyes and those little skulls.

@rettaroo Games Workshop figures are big and chunky enough that I can do eyes pretty easily (and I won some really nice fine detail brushes in a painting contest), and every figure in that army with visible eyes has the same mismatched orange-green eyes.

@WilliamAdcock Thanks for finding those! That's a really nice base on that chariot. imo Tzeench is the chaos god with the best aesthetic.

@paintandwires Agreed! That base has my first experiments with a textured Green Stuff Roller - I got a "dark runes" one, made a few patches on the base with it, and then sculpted some tentacles extending out from them.

@paintandwires There's a tinge of blue in that skintone that I just love! Great work!

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