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Some beginners resources for miniature painting that I found very helpful: Show more

: another unfinished mini from another era: a with a crossbow from the early 2000's .
I'll put it on the list of to finish in 2019.
Yeah. Sure...

For anyone wondering (re: animated commissions, expand this post for thread), here's a WIP of a study I'm working on right now. 12/fps, currently at almost 140 frames (of the hand, at least) out of 300-350. (?)

Kill Team battle today, CSM vs Necrons, trying to trash enemy supplies. Lost 5-3 when opponent made a lucky save against a supercharged plasma pistol shot at a decisive moment.

"Light didn't come with him. It was waiting above as a little dot." I like that bit quite a lot. There are some problems with the tenses not being in agreement- ie, it should be "waiting was something that shortened" or "waiting is something that shortens" Probably the first since the second paragraph is in past tense. But in terms of imagery and mood it seems really solid.

A little bit weird story, cosmic horror Show more

My glowy thing is done! A sylvaneth branchwych turned star player Willow Rosebark. Thought the worm holding the ball would be cute and it makes sense for her to have her hands free for punching!

Today an elven alchemist joins the Order of the Holy Owl.

I'm vibrating with excitement and periodically chuckling. BIG goblin commission just arrived. The Loonshrine, which I'm already assembling, the endless spells, the Loonking, a squig herd and Snazzgar Stinkmullet (lol). I wonder if I'll get anything done in time for the FB painting contest.

Finished up that Blood Bowl commission- now with mummies. First time doing decals in my life, my hands were shaking a bit!

Well I accidently made Jamie Lannister as a paladin, but he turned out okay. This was my first time working with inks, as well as painting flame.

I head that the e.l.f. small precision brush (a cosmetic brush) was good for drybrushing models. Just grabbed one the other day, and it's true. Really wicks off extra moisture.

This was the first session playing Rangers of . Three rangers plus their companions against a village of zombies and the occasional rat. Half of the rangers and companions was incapacitated during the fight, but they all managed to survive in the end.

A close up of my favorite because I've really happy with how the sculpted bells came out-

Here is my lil' bit of holiday cheer, Mortal Realms style. Some Warhammer Glaivewraith Stalkers that have been turned into the Welsh Christmas ghost, Mari Lwyd.

Who wants a gift? 100% trustworthy. Not tied to undead plagues at all.

Have a happy whatever you choose to celebrate (or not), mastodon-fam...

Or else.

Getting some Goblin knights on Dodo Birds ready to paint.

My goblins!

The one with the shield is Adept Me, a Hexblade/Paladin. I'm only going to take them to level 5? in Hexblade because I aint about that undead business.

The other one is one commissioned by my DM for reasons unknown.

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