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Some beginners resources for miniature painting that I found very helpful: 

A guide to thinning paint and handling it once thinned:

An indispensable video series that covers all sorts of topics:

A great painter with clear and easy to understand guides to ease into advanced techniques:

An absolute treasure trove of tutorials on all sorts of topics, but also notable for their focus on working joyfully:

God I'm tired of this Father's day shit. Mother's day is worse, it's truly depressing but this just has me irritated. Fuck that deadbeat forever.

Hot damn, have you seen how much tabletop RPG you get for $5 in the itchio BLM bundle?
The Lancer core book and Blades in the Dark alone are notable inclusions, but there's all sorts of cool looking smaller games as well. Corvid Court sticks out as particularly neat. Let me know if you see anything in there that deserves more attention.

Painted some spacecraft interior terrain for the campaign. Was a bit in a rush and it shows on some elements, but it's good enough for play. I'll add a bit on some of the boxes and the shelf-things but the rest will stay as it is.

Thanks for the tipps @Archiviste_Dragontigre and @paintandwires, I opted for the painting version.

I think I've worked out my camera situation, for real this time. A test Skink for a Blood Bowl team, "The Saur Losers". My bf is from Cleveland so there is a little dig at the Browns there. Exploring some textures and practicing NMM. I love the new BB Lizardmen so much, it really was a joy. With luck I'll finish the team sometime this year... or not.

Another year entering my hobby group painting contest. Not pleased with my work. Am I ever? Oh well, on to the next. Mini is from the Humblewood set, which are really beautiful and crisp prints. Somewhat soft pvc, bastard to clean. I normally use a hairdryer to dry glazes but it went totally floppy with any heat, a hilarious surprise.

Finally had the creative juices to finish up a small project for ! Just a small piece of terrain for . It was my first piece, but definitely not my last on account of how much fun it was. Model for scale (obviously). 1/2

My competition entry is finished, I'll do a few touch-ups and then take some proper pictures since I can't keep him (kit was provided by GW). I'm rather happy, tried a lot of new tools and techniques on this one.

Wizkids is experimenting with national paint nights in the US-
Supposedly they'll be doing a different figure every month. I did this last night at a local store, it's good fun to meet other painters.

Happy Lunar New Year! All the best in the Year of the Rat~!

I finally finished my DnD-character I shared a while back, I'm rather happy with how the face and weathered leather turned out!

Just watched Rapsittie Kids: Believe in Santa for the first time. Truly a magical holiday experience.

Do I still hate taking photos? Yes I dooooo! But here is my Gobbapalooza that took Best Squad at Pax Unplugged. I need to figure out my backdrop situation, this grey is too light and it's kinda blowing out the colors. Tried a different one that was too dark and it exaggerated the reflected light to an insane degree no matter how I adjusted the settings.

I got a better camera! It's a Logitech c920 but still better than what I had going on. I can only get good color and focus by futzing with it manually. Hopefully I'll get better at that as I get accustomed. Absolutely loved painting this guy.

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