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Some beginners resources for miniature painting that I found very helpful: 

A guide to thinning paint and handling it once thinned:

An indispensable video series that covers all sorts of topics:

A great painter with clear and easy to understand guides to ease into advanced techniques:

An absolute treasure trove of tutorials on all sorts of topics, but also notable for their focus on working joyfully:

The next piece of "Weird-Ass Chinese Playing Cards" takes a bit of a dive into history and culture, while showing off a part of my collection that I'm mildly absurdly proud of: so-called "Chess Cards".

There are two major families of Chess Cards ("Four-Colour Cards" and "Two-Colour Cards") with variations and outliers as well. They both come in tile and card formats, but I only have the card formats because … well, I'll tease that here and explain at the end.


The cards in the bamboo box are very thick PVC, have a gravelly surfacing on them to make them less slippery, and use nonstandard symbols making it a bit hard to work out what they are at first. The final deck, another "crystal" PVC one, is done up in a form factor that resembles traditional Chinese playing cards: so-called 长牌 (long cards).


Still riding the high of walking home through the park at dusk last night and stopping to watch the bats.

Watched this film a few nights ago, can't stop thinking about it. I loved it so much.

🐀 : the Origin of the Species ¦ Oldenhammer in Toronto:
> The first time the Skaven appeared in print was in 1986 in the Citadel Spring Journal 86. The Chaos Ratmen debuted as one of the three antagonists in the scenario "Vengeance of the Lichemaster" by Rick Priestly, and then got their own article by their creator, designer and sculptor, Jes Goodwin.

Done with a new shield! Very happy how the dragon/gripping beast came out. Shield is made of planked poplar boards and covered in linen cloth using horse glue. The edge is a translucent rawhide. Boss was made by a blacksmith. #viking #dragon #shield #artwork

another sketch demon as I try to get refamiliarized with zbrush. Apparently sketchfab limited uploads to 1 per month so that's cool

Kind of quick pick of the nearly finished entry. Hoping to get some eyes on it, if anyone sees anything that looks jacked up or clearly isn't working. I've been looking at it for 2 months so I can't tell anymore.

Ages ago someone asked me to post grypons and hippogryphs: This MAY be the best art ever painted of one:

There is just so much freaking energy. This is some of the best D&D art of I've ever seen to be honest.

So this is a phone pic and already you can't see the high saturation purple except on the paper towel. Great. :P but hopefully you sort of get the idea. So far the most obvious thing is the desaturated yellow. I don't know if I'm 100% doing it right but it's making me make different color choices. I feel like I'm learning and I'm definitely having fun.

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I knew I wanted a strong purple, so I started there. I also get a pretty good green and orange, which works since I'm painting a goblin and some copper. That leaves me with no strongly saturated primaries at all.

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Painting a miniature for a competition, trying to up my composition game (or.. like.. having any at all) by trying out Gamut masking (explained here:

"Gardens of Hecate is a tabletop miniature painting studio specialized in producing heavily customized gaming and display pieces in a distinctive macabre style. The miniatures are created by Ana Polanšćak of Zagreb, Croatia."

Finally, my favorite. Tried the Goobertown 'yellow over pink' technique, though it was actually a lavender because I had a sample bottle from Reaper I wanted to use. Cold yellow, too, as that was the best combo from my spoon test. Glazed some Vallejo rust wash over it to warm it back up.

This guy was another airbrush experiment- white primer, blue shadows, yellow highlights. Golden High Flow's green over all of that. Then some glazes to reinforce that lighting. Tried some 'sky earth NMM' on the leg bumps, love how that came out.

I followed Darren Latham's Youtube tutorial for painting faces for this one. Not as strong a contrast as he has but still a drastic improvement over my previous faces.

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