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Some beginners resources for miniature painting that I found very helpful: Show more

Got to tuck in to the Hellboy board game a wee bit. Just a couple or markers, but it felt great to play around on something for myself. I think I am finally getting somewhere with trying to paint gold (not that I did it right this time, but I think I understand what I've been doing wrong now). Also the hand/tentacles were almost entirely airbrush and that was educational, too.

I've just read (again) Blame! and Biomega mangas by , so for : a grim Golem overseer proxy, made by repainting a Solonavi Shade. The Therian faction for the Sci-Fi game had a lot in common with Tsutomu Nihei cyberpunk universe.

Some Chaos Blood Bowl stuff for since I'm actually here on Monday for once. XD All the fire is airbrushed, as will all fire be for the rest of my life if I can help it.

Not getting too into it, but there's a lot I feel like I missed out on in my childhood. The bright side is getting to make up some of it as an adult. I went to Monster Jam with my twin sister and we got to see Grave Digger. :)

This is that Blood Bowl Troll that fought me from start to finish. Dropped it on the floor and broke the Goblin off when I was doing the last coat of varnish. Ever have one of those things that just doesn't want to be done?

Welcome to the Tau Empire and “The Greater Good”.

Started painting Tau recently. Taking a break from Blood Angels Space Marines. 😆

#Warhammer #GamesWorkshop #Miniatures

Today was the first day of the MFCA (Miniature Figure Collectors of America) show outside of Philly. If you're in the area tomorrow and want to see some outrageously well painted models (largely military/historical) I would highly recommend it!

I know 'so bad it's good' gets thrown around a lot about movies, but the 1988 crap classic 'The Uninvited' has the BEST terribly executed monster. Also the cat noises are VERY obviously someone hitting a key on a soundboard, sometimes cutting themselves off so it goes "meow m-m-m-meow". We were laughing until we cried, funniest B film since 'Lair of the White Worm'.

I should post more miniatures on pretty much all my social media, but I hate taking pictures so much. :P

Update: I did not place. However, it was selected as an Honorable mention, so I won a mug! That's better than last year, so it's good to feel like I am improving.

"Fungoid Cave-Shaman Snazzgar Stinkmullett" What a name, right? Painted up for a painting contest in a Facebook group (The Hobby Hangout). I'll know how I did in about a week.

I'm addicted to making architectural flourish brushes. I'm hand drawing these so I might put them up for a small price when I get somewhere over ten of them

@paintandwires Of course! Here's the latest ones. A few Crusaders for Chain of Command/What a Tanker.

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