Gender as Color: An interactive blog post!

Are you tired of the fuzziness and imprecision of language when trying to describe your gender identity? Me too!

I made a color picker for gender identities, attempting to be as comprehensive as possible. The blog post also has all sorts of doohickeys for you to click around on too.

Lemme know what you think!

Post gender color picker blogpost, I think I've realized that there was a reason Ive been sticking with nonbinary as my gender word of choice--seems like there isn't really a good word for the "mostly non gender but slightly both genders" that I feel in my soul.

@ossifog huh! I was really hoping to see some greens in there for some reason. 😅

@maloki I thought about it for agender and/or neutrois, but it was harder to reason about (r+g=yellow is still kind of weird to me, even as a digital artist) so I went with white. But I do see now that it does make gender neutral seem not quite as in par as m/f, even though it wasn't my intention.

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