Edgeworth: there is no generalised equasion for the perimeter of an ellipse unlike a circle which has a generalised equasion!

Phoenix: hold it! I have a piece of evidence that shows that a circle DOES NOT have a generalised equasion!

The court: WTF, but its mathematical fact! what is this evidence?!

Phoenix: Why your honor, its pi itself!

The court: *shits*

Edgeworth: what is this nonsense? how does any of that work?

Phoenix: because you see, Pi is an irriational number based off of the circle itself and this shows that if you were to make an individual "pi" for any ellipse you'd get the same precision! Therefor it cannot be generalised! my client is innocent!

The court: *shits itself again*


my jokes suck


@Chrismohr I'll be honest this is one of those jokes that might be too smart and too dumb at the same time.

I love it.

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