Welcome new folks! I think there are now 100+ people who've joined in the last 24 hours, which is amazing!

If you're confused about mastodon, instances, timelines, privacy settings, content warnings, accessibility, etiquette, etc., etc., etc. take a look at this guide, or feel free to @ me or our @host .

Otherwise, welcome to the table, everyone. :)

@artisticfennec Unless I ended up double counting, I think so! Maybe our @host can wow us with some actual numbers?

@ossifog @host So, I just joined in on here- I notice that I'm already following a couple people- are y'all the site admins? Or how does that work?

@RocjawCypher @ossifog so the people you follow are a mix of admins and people from the welcome team.

The welcome team as their name suggest, are usually there to say hello, give you pointers and fill your home timeline with at least some content so you dont start with a blank one.

You can and are more than welcome to unfollow us all if you want to.

Do ask any question you have amd do @ me if you are not sure who or what to ask

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Tabletop Social

Tabletop Social

We are an inclusive Mastodon community for everything tabletop (& more). We welcome everyone that wants to be part of the community, boardgamers, RPG players, casual gamers, party gamers, hobbyists, LARPers, game designers and publishers, RPG characters, artists, writers, vlogers, podcasters, reviewers, streamers, lego builders and more.

This is meant to be a positive and safe space for people to enjoy each other's ideas, opinion and have fun. To keep that way, the Code of Conduct and Rules will be applied and enforced thoroughly.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Rules, Etiquette, Bots, block list

We are very thankful to other community like and and the people running them.

They allow people to use their extensive rules, policies and hard gained knowledge about unsafe communities out there.

We mostly follow blockchain's blocklist.


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