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My is long lost to the depths of my timeline, so here it is again.

I write, I draw, and lately, I've started to make comics. Specifically, I'm doing a illustrating parts of my campaign. I also started to run 5e over discord for some friends.

I have another account @nebulos where I post my non rpg related art and writing, and also WIPs of my comics.

(Also, I'm part of the welcome cabal for, if you're wondering why you're already following me.)

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Something extremely odd has happened, I have begun to multiply! Which is to say, I have another mastodon account now.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly how to do this identity management business, but so far, I think I'm going to stick to posting rpg related stuff here. @nebulos will be a little more art and writing focused. Random statuses will be distributed evenly among both. I don't plan on doing much duplication, so feel free to give both a follow.

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@ossifog On more than one occasion, my friends have had to claw death away from ME. "No no, you don't have to die! We can figure this out!" "NO! We have seen this character struggle, slip, and persevere! I've earned my tragic ending!"

DAE get irrationally excited when they take a severe consequence? Swear I don't hate my character.

Anyone know if there's a mirror the LIGO tweeter account here on the fediverse?

Improvised a Bladerunner oneshot with my GM and his brother this weekend. It was bro's first time with an RPG and GM hadn't been a player in a long time. I was happy to return the favor.

Highlight was the surprisingly resilient crab made of discarded replicant parts with the following stunt:

Ramshackle: Once per scene, as a boost, when you take damage, lose some pieces of your horrific replicant conglomeration. Ignore damage, permanently increase Athletics by 1.

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I can attest to the psychological fear of losing everything at a moment's notice.

I thought that was the intended way to play the game.

When I was a dumb child I had several counterfeit games. Their particular choice of anti-counterfeiting technology was to not save your data when you saved.

This did not deter child me in the least.

Back in civilization, and not happy about it. )<

In this weeks session... 

I'm very conflicted over whether or not to get Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Is the internet outrage legitimate? Can I still enjoy collectathon games? Will I ever reclaim the happiness of my youth?

GM: I feel like I need a plot twist for today's session.

Me: I have an idea but I'm not going to tell you.

GM: I'll give you a fate point

Me: No!

GM: 2 fate points? 3?

Me: No!!!

GM: At some point I'm going to start taking them away

Me: This is GM abuse!

us politics 

"I tell people I'm chaotic neutral but it turns out I'm actually equal parts chaotic good and chaotic evil"

us politics 

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Hello Fediverse! Some interesting profile to follow about science fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction?

I would be lying if I said I didn't really want to take a trip out there, never mind that it'll last 40 years...

I had the realization the other day that there is literally no boardgame I wouldn't love more if it were space themed.

I was almost beguiled into playing space catan. Literally just Catan but in space.

Did someone mention "test[ing] experimental ... technologies in the long-duration space environment"? Hello new favorite space project.

Pity it's from the airforce, and therefore secret.

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