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I forget if I ever posted this here, but I comic'd special session my GM ran for the holidays about a sled-like Von Neumann probe brainwashing the children of Rumreign. Just posted it on my site here:

It starts a little medias res, but I'm hoping it still makes sense. Let me know! There's some context on the site as well as a link to a transcription.

I'll be uploading the next pages over the next couple days.

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My is long lost to the depths of my timeline, so here it is again.

I write, I draw, and lately, I've started to make comics. Specifically, I'm doing a illustrating parts of my campaign. I also started to run 5e over discord for some friends.

I have another account @nebulos where I post my non rpg related art and writing, and also WIPs of my comics.

(Also, I'm part of the welcome cabal for, if you're wondering why you're already following me.)

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Something extremely odd has happened, I have begun to multiply! Which is to say, I have another mastodon account now.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly how to do this identity management business, but so far, I think I'm going to stick to posting rpg related stuff here. @nebulos will be a little more art and writing focused. Random statuses will be distributed evenly among both. I don't plan on doing much duplication, so feel free to give both a follow.

I've gotten into a terrible habit of a 7pm-9pm nap, cutting into prime not-work-activity hours. Hopefully this international travel will just nuke my entire sleep schedule from orbit.

cursed poll 

Are you a

Always enjoy seeing the bots try and find my wordpress admin page. Sorry bot-friends. Just 'cuz there's a blog doesn't mean wordpress.

is anyone else mildly underwhelmed by the inktober prompts this year?

A nice article to show your neo liberal acquaintances if they're still dubious green energy.

'Decarbonization is too expensive': How to sell climate change action to bean counters

finally watched Line Goes Up (crypto) 

Much delayed, am finally watching Line Goes Up (since I kinda knew enough about blockchain stuff without it). My only regret is I probably missed the boat to make some hilarious NFT parody websites. Anyone know of any good ones that came out of the craze?

capitalism, fictional capitalism, slavery mention 

Trying to figure out the diffs between a fictional capitalist dystopia and what we're currently working with. I guess companies aren't outright allowed to own people, but "effective slavery without the people even realizing" would be a pretty neat speculative conceit...

My notebook! you have returned at last. I could weep with joy

they gotta stay together so they don't reenter the dating pool lmao

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it takes two mild spoilers 

and now they're all uwu about this round ass bumblebee

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it takes two mild spoilers 

they just fucking Yoshi'd that beetle omfg

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It takes two is definitely fun, but the divorce storyline makes me deeply uncomfortable.

Windows failed to load? Time to start coming to terms with catastrophic data loss.

Nevermind, restarted just fine.

crypto stuff (actually positive, believe it or not) 

I'm not a crypto person, nor do I have any stake in web3, but you do gotta hand it to ethereum. Switching to proof of stake was hard, and the norm for the industry is definitely to stick one's head in the sand. They didn't have to do it, but they did. So props, even if we disagree on whether this whole web3 is worth anything at all.

this is my karmic punishment for neither writing nor updating my to-do list for several days

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aah. my annual devastation at having caught up to the end of .

please, more, I beg you.

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