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My is long lost to the depths of my timeline, so here it is again.

I write, I draw, and lately, I've started to make comics. Specifically, I'm doing a illustrating parts of my campaign. I also started to run 5e over discord for some friends.

I have another account @nebulos where I post my non rpg related art and writing, and also WIPs of my comics.

(Also, I'm part of the welcome cabal for, if you're wondering why you're already following me.)

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Something extremely odd has happened, I have begun to multiply! Which is to say, I have another mastodon account now.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly how to do this identity management business, but so far, I think I'm going to stick to posting rpg related stuff here. @nebulos will be a little more art and writing focused. Random statuses will be distributed evenly among both. I don't plan on doing much duplication, so feel free to give both a follow.

Ah, fuck it. Just gonna buy Hades again.

Partner: -slicing bread, which breaks apart when cutting through the crust-

Me: "Looks like there were some crustural problems."

Partner: "There's something wrong with you."

What do you call a cow with two legs? 

Your mom

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What do you call a cow with three legs? 


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What do you call a cow with no legs? 

Ground beef

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What's your approach?

What's your approach?

pol, conspiracy reference 

QAnon sounds like something out of a Neal Stephenson book. In the very worst way.

A long overdue return to . My first Adam deck vs Palana. Ran headlong into a snare but mostly it was a mercy kill. Yes netrunner is a game about hackers and bioroids but true to its cyberpunk origins your capital rules all, and Kati Jones never stopped by.

excerpt from my campaign notes:

"Get dressed. Head through security. Chirrup gets hassled for potentially smuggling arms. Rightly so, but Chirrup disgorges a sound board, sad trombone eases tensions."

Saying "are ya winning son?" every time my cat has a go at the cat tree

Fall Guys: 

Pachinko Ball Simulator 2020

Cats were paid in treats to catch bugs. They accepted payment, but have not delivered on the service.

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Bah, it got just a little warmer and now the bugs are everywhere

I gotta get myself under control.

Sometimes I read a description of a compelling sci-fi book and just burn with rage and envy.

But anyways, this looks cool:

Re: The Thing

Also can't help but think if it didn't have to be so 80s action movie-esque, it would've gone a slightly different way. Can see a story within it that goes hard on the existentialist horror.

But on the other hand, that was a lot of flamethrowers for an antarctic research facility. And I'm definitely not complaining about that.

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Fast boats.

Astronomers and their names, man.

Just watched The Thing for the first time. Not sure why I was expecting a "less is more" approach as in Alien.

The Thing was very much the opposite of that.

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