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My is long lost to the depths of my timeline, so here it is again.

I write, I draw, and lately, I've started to make comics. Specifically, I'm doing a illustrating parts of my campaign. I also started to run 5e over discord for some friends.

I have another account @nebulos where I post my non rpg related art and writing, and also WIPs of my comics.

(Also, I'm part of the welcome cabal for, if you're wondering why you're already following me.)

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Something extremely odd has happened, I have begun to multiply! Which is to say, I have another mastodon account now.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly how to do this identity management business, but so far, I think I'm going to stick to posting rpg related stuff here. @nebulos will be a little more art and writing focused. Random statuses will be distributed evenly among both. I don't plan on doing much duplication, so feel free to give both a follow.

Back in civilization, and not happy about it. )<

In this weeks session... 

I'm very conflicted over whether or not to get Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Is the internet outrage legitimate? Can I still enjoy collectathon games? Will I ever reclaim the happiness of my youth?

GM: I feel like I need a plot twist for today's session.

Me: I have an idea but I'm not going to tell you.

GM: I'll give you a fate point

Me: No!

GM: 2 fate points? 3?

Me: No!!!

GM: At some point I'm going to start taking them away

Me: This is GM abuse!

us politics 

"I tell people I'm chaotic neutral but it turns out I'm actually equal parts chaotic good and chaotic evil"

us politics 

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Hello Fediverse! Some interesting profile to follow about science fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction?

I would be lying if I said I didn't really want to take a trip out there, never mind that it'll last 40 years...

I had the realization the other day that there is literally no boardgame I wouldn't love more if it were space themed.

I was almost beguiled into playing space catan. Literally just Catan but in space.

Did someone mention "test[ing] experimental ... technologies in the long-duration space environment"? Hello new favorite space project.

Pity it's from the airforce, and therefore secret.

I love the skill pyramid. It lets me indulge leveling up non optimal stats for story reasons.

Maya took a bump in Physique after spending some time in a high grav planet and Empathy after surviving a run-in with a lovey dovey hivemind.

GM: -casually makes up brilliant hivemind conversion mechanics on the spot-

In other words I had way more fun than I expected to, and highly recommend board game conventions.

Even got to try some games in development, and while I didn't participate they even had some games design workshops.

They had an RPG section too and I got to play a two hour session of Blades in the Dark, in a setting called that ended in some shenanigans with an AI containment chamber and rocket launcher based propulsion.

A la carte (cooking inspired dex game complete with mini pans)
Cube quest (dice flicking board game)
Crokinole (more dex game)
Flick 'em up (even more dex)
Junk Art (all that balancing meeples payed off)
Two Rooms and a Boom (fun but not recommended if you have poor facial recall)
Shipwreck Arcana (my choice for small boardgame award)
Star Wars Rebellion (almost managed to produce three Star destroyers in one turn)
Skull (proved my claim to be good at bluffing games)


was awesome! Just three straight days of playing boardgames, including ones that I can't logistically imagine playing anywhere but at a boardgame con.

I played, in no particular order,
GTK heavy hitters (awesome mech game)
Blood on the Clocktower (mafia but so good I played it 3 times)
Floor Plan (with the whole convention at once)
Parks (beautiful, but with one flaw)
Captain Sonar
Far Away (a space exploration sim still in development)

So far I've played Junk Art, Flick Em Up, Fog Of Love, and a tiny Japanese renewable energy game I've forgotten about the name of.

Slated to play Blades in the Dark later today too.

There's so much to do!

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