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I forget if I ever posted this here, but I comic'd special session my GM ran for the holidays about a sled-like Von Neumann probe brainwashing the children of Rumreign. Just posted it on my site here:

It starts a little medias res, but I'm hoping it still makes sense. Let me know! There's some context on the site as well as a link to a transcription.

I'll be uploading the next pages over the next couple days.

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My is long lost to the depths of my timeline, so here it is again.

I write, I draw, and lately, I've started to make comics. Specifically, I'm doing a illustrating parts of my campaign. I also started to run 5e over discord for some friends.

I have another account @nebulos where I post my non rpg related art and writing, and also WIPs of my comics.

(Also, I'm part of the welcome cabal for, if you're wondering why you're already following me.)

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Something extremely odd has happened, I have begun to multiply! Which is to say, I have another mastodon account now.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly how to do this identity management business, but so far, I think I'm going to stick to posting rpg related stuff here. @nebulos will be a little more art and writing focused. Random statuses will be distributed evenly among both. I don't plan on doing much duplication, so feel free to give both a follow.

Tryna populate this blog just cuz the index looks so sad when it's empty like this.

The three lies capitalism uses to perpetuate itself. I've been hearing people irl echoing them around more than usual lately.

my dream job 

living in orbit and cleaning up capitalist satellites and other space junk.

we got one of those treat eggs for our cat. she still pushes if around even if there are no treats left in it. the desperation of the act suggests she really believes that more treats will manifest even after it's stopped rattling.

the contender for the more intelligent of our two cats has had a bit of an upset.

Would still recommend for people with a lot of patience and a tolerance for imperfections.

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Unexpected sources of gender feels, cw for drawn eye contact 

The metal earth kits are a fraction of the price and provide many times the hours of entertainment of a Lego set, but not necessarily for the right reasons.

Article about how to walk someone down from a conspiracy theory. Unfortunately there's someone who might find this useful.

1. boil water
2. wash mug
3. wash tea infuser
4. dump tea into mug
5. add hot water
6. ???

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New painting! It's the cover illustration for the sci-fi mystery novel "Siren's Call" by T.J.J. Klamvik, which has just been published.

One of my favourite things about science-fiction covers is that the artist is often allowed to play with large, stylised shapes, negative space, and surreal ways to convey meaning... so obviously, I did just that :)

Click on the image to see the pretty sky and very non-ominous grafiti!

#bookcover #SciFi #scifiart #commission

For folks who appreciate the food content warnings, what is it that bothers you?

watching my partner play the zachtronis minigames game. thought it would be cool riffs on classic default pc games. now regularly exclaiming 'oh god' as he opens increasingly complex menu systems

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illustrated haiku, CW for mild/implied gore/bio-horror 

beast on a wave length / knots brains with surfer to make / a holy weapon

#mastoart #art #illustration #poem #poetry #haiku

adhd thoughts 

I definitely have a complex about sleep. Have a lot of negative self-talk about being lazy, undisciplined for never wanting to go to sleep, staying up later and later without intervention, not being able to wake up in the morning. If there were signs of adhd as a kid it was definitely falling asleep in class, which I still wonder how my teachers thought of that, since I was conscientious and studious to a fault.

But maybe it comes with the turf. Will try to be kinder to myself.

Ahh, three day weekends. One day to recuperate, one day to clean, one day to enjoy a clean house.

We stan the 4 day work week for sure.

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When My Chinese Trans Identity Gets Lost in Translation by Fei Lu. Especially an important read for white transgender Americans.


hold my beer i've decided to argue with someone on the internet

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Twitter appears to have stopped third party Twitter apps from accessing their network, without any warning or explanation. The reason Twitter can do this is because they control and there are no other servers to choose from.

This kind of instant shutdown cannot happen on Mastodon or the Fediverse, because there are thousands of independent servers running on free open software standards.

This is why third party apps are so much more widely used on Mastodon and the Fediverse.

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