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Time to start up the **DOMAIINS** thread again. This time correctly.

I've spoken to the mods and yeah. Sorry for las time!

So I want to talk about the **Survival Horror** game I made and I'm currently curating into a readable alpha markdown version.

Meaning that for the alpha playtest I'll be having a plaintext version only.

Buckle up as I'll be delving into this today!

An interesting read on dice, here.

I think there's an interesting chink in there regarding the difference between the exercise of authority and the *perception* of the exercise of authority but it's tangential to the essay's main point.

There are so many birdsite refugees here and most of us story games and DND folks aren't used to sharing space anymore, so let's exercise a modicum of consideration by remembering that other styles of RPG _exist_ and _are valid_, even if they're not out cup of tea.

I genuinely don't understand what makes DND enjoyable. That doesn't make DND not a game, or an inferior game.

Similarly, there is a rich and vibrant history and community of story focused tabletop RPGs. We exist, and are valid.

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#RPG folks are really bad at remembering that #tabletop encompasses MANY styles of equally valid gaming.

Just forced myself to walk past a #dnd post asserting that "RPGs are fundamentally not a storytelling medium". Like my whole #gamedesign catalog doesn't exist. Those old birdsite instincts almost kicked in lol

Story #tabletop folks do it too, of course. How many times have I heard "dnd is objectively inferior" or even "dnd isn't a real game" from "my" crowd? SO many. Which isn't great.

Reminder for my TTRPG fam:

American English, UK English, Canadian English, and Australian English differ in important ways.

It's not just spelling, but also grammar, punctuation, formatting, and tone.

Make sure your writers and editors know which language to use. This is especially important if you have a global team, or your business is located in a region other than where you primarily sell your products.

If (for example) half the team writes in American English, but the other half uses UK English, your project is going to be a confused mess.

This article offers a great explanation of what I'm talking about.

#AmEditing #TTRPG #TTRPGs #EnglishLanguage #GamesIndustry

Why the hell not.
Okay so. All of these weapons are full on 3 Traits. Meaning they are considered to be 6 Resources worth. As that's NOT something you can buy, they are **Gifts** instead.

Each weapon having it's baseline + additional property. Plus ALL of them require Advanced Ammo. Making them costly to maintain. But fully well off for that.

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So far every weapon was sophisticated and modern! But for these it's: Reject modernity, return to gothic!

All Γ†ΓžER weapons are some kind of "classical ones". Intricately crafted silver bows and crossbows, stakes and swords. All laid in with runes of bygone times, glowing in the presence of the things they are bane too. Enhanced only by the might of the bearer, these weapons become an extension of the user's will and psychic fortitude.

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Now onto the last category I decided to include Γ†ΓžER. Every weapon has some kind of usage. BALO are against soft targets, while MOLD are against hardened ones. But in the world of Lacuna Apostasy, there are OTHER types of opponents to fear. Γ†ΓžERIC beings that is. So you need a weapon to deal with those! That's when these specialised ones come into play, devastatingly to anything not from the Base Larval!

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But what about OTHER types of these weapons?!

Yeah true, not everyone would use that kind of look, it's the dominant one in the Stratum, but there are other versions. Like the basic and crude ones from the Gvarda. These no matter if OPTO, BALO, or MOLD always have a somewhat boxy, with roundish corners feel. Simplified and streamlined for the military protecting the weapon itself more for the rugged use they are put trough.

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Now look wise? The aesthetics of these weapons?

Of course they have to look like beasts of legends spewing their payload onto their enemies. Their exterior made to mimic the look of grand beasts of legend. Dragons, gargoyles, various creatures from nightmares, etc. With the rest incorporated to look like a perch the creature is sitting on. Mostly made out of wood or other natural material, while the beast itself is made of steel.

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Now off to MOLD, again we're doing a joke here, plΓ‘sma means moldable substance. So yeah we're going the classical Sci-Fi route here. These are your superheated balls of destruction weapons. Roaring and searing, throwing suns at your opponents! These weapons without proper gear can harm their operators as well so we're sticking to the source material with this quite well.

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Look wise? these weapons are a piece of gothic and baroque art!

Refined lines, gildings depicting eagles and angels, various saints drawn on as Icons, holy ropes and various rosaries attached. Still bulky and utterly menacing, they befit those who use them. Showing off a never ending, monastic, and zealous approach to combat. With the right armour and these weapons, the bearer doesn't need to hide in front of their enemies.

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Now let's start with BALO first. For those who don't know, ballō means "to throw". Which is used in the word ballistra, aka bolt throwers.

Now that we're on the same page WHAT kind of weapon this is. Let's just say that from the applicative side... It rends trough enemies. All of these weapons are semi automatic. And their explosive payload makes them for a good weapon against weakly armoured opponents.

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With that in mind all of these weapons have their own specific aesthetic that gives them the feeling of being "better" and "outstanding". Not only by their stats and in game mechanics, but they are also better designed, dignified, befitting the status of their bearer.

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So first and foremost, all of these weapons are considered Gifts meaning they aren't for purchase but instead represent the characters usefulness to the church and thus their advancement. For one they are available to anyone at Immo 3 but with a Gift: Society they are available earlier at Immo 2. This represents the character's devotion to their cause and thus their devotion to the Empire.

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I just realised I never went to explain BALO, MOLD, and Γ†ΓžER weapons for ...

Uuups. I will get into those today. Sorry!

So, I don't wana do dungeon 23, but as I wrote on twatter, I do wana do something else.

And I would totally love it if someone wanted to join in on the activity.

Issue tho:
I'm unsure what to do?

Reflection on advertising on the fediverse 

A place to chat and chat up creatives and others. More like something to do on the sides than a direct marketing tool.

I am not sure if there would be ANY way to change that. I think it would if I could 100% sure get boosts on marketing posts. And thus get it fully federated, but it feels like soliciting views that way.

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