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The prize for the most on-brand Christmas present ever, I think, goes to this charity shop find. I didn’t even know this existed. Turns out my parents do know me🤷
I hope whatever you’re doing today you’re hanging in there and managing to find some time for yourself. Much love 🥰

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Frosthaven is the last board game you will ever need*

*citation needed.

Our video here:


Two people sit in the middle of a landfill. One of them says:

"We should leave."

The other responds:

"Think of what will happen to this place if we do."


Love this shot that @Nixedpun took for our upcoming video.

If anyone's doing the Exit Advent Calendar (Golden Book), today's puzzle has a printing error. After you started and got the puzzle assignment, follow this link, there's a thing at the bottom that will help.

All I've done over the last couple of weeks is play Frosthaven over and over and over again, and I'd be happy to continue if that's what I had to do.

Frosthaven tutorial picture. 

Absolutely determined to have this gigantic map set up even during combat when it's not needed. I am sure I will never regret this decision.

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Campaignmass is in full swing. I have played so many campaign games and more just keep coming? We shall soon discover what my limits are.

Just listened to the Forteller narration for the Frosthaven scenario me and Elaine wrote. What a weird feeling hearing your text professionally acted. The actors totally got our intentions right, despite our clumsy scribbles.

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Our regular reminder that you should not throw away the
Fantasy Flight proof-of-purchase tokens for your own good! 😱🤣

For more comics on board games, follow us and check out

Hi there, my name is Jon and I'm a comedy writer turned board game YouTuber.

My channel is called Actualol. I've been making board game reviews, Top 10s and the odd comedy song for seven years.

The Actualol guarantee is that if you watch one of my videos you WILL actually laugh out loud or get your money back. (They're free).

Hello everyone. I just wanted to say that I'd love to follow some autistic/ND tabletop gamers in the community. I got diagnosed last year - weirdly, because of games. I'm working on a book about tabletop games & I spoke to many ND gamers, & ended up going for an assessment as part of my research, & was shocked when they said I'm . Anyway I think there might be many ND folks about here so wanted to give a friendly wave. *waves*

Hello! My name is Beneeta Kaur and I'm a Punjabi American board game content creator & Twitch Streamer.

My goal is to create a diverse and welcoming community, while introducing people to games! I'm excited to be here 😊​

So... this morning I had more notifications waiting for me in Mastodon than I did in Twitter. And all the notifications on Twitter are people telling me Mastodon will never get enough users to matter.

Sticky baked food 

You might know me for my board game reviews, but today I made my very first sweet bun, without a stand mixer I might add. Putting those bread skills to good use.

Today I learned to be mindful of hiding any political posts behind a content warning and that there's no prompt to include alt text for your pictures so I have to take an extra step to remind myself of it.

I'm grateful that this server is accepting the flood of newcomers, who I am sure are all eager to start over somewhere new and better.

I'm glad we're all learning together as a community, and for anyone also struggling to get their head round this new green and pleasant land, I found this page helpful:

Also, I have learnt that:
- Toots aren't threaded (if you're unsure what that is, think old style text messaging)
- Hashtags are important (although I haven't quite figured out using them yet)
- @host is your admin for this server

Woke up to a spambot completely wrecking our comment section. I think we got them all between us, but they were *everywhere* So just a heads up -

- We do not have an account on Telegram
- We will never ask you to message us unless we know you or something already been arranged
- We will never do any kind if prizes or giveaways in Youtube comments.

Please dont fall for this, friends! <3

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