Random events tables? Sure. Each event is basically a unique encounter. The table has more entries than possible dice results, say 8 or 10 if you use 1d6. When events happen, they get deleted, making "higher" results possible.

An unexpected meeting with an enemy may start at number 7 or 8, so it won't be the first event of the game. Maybe the enemy has just arrived in town? On the other hand, meeting someone who knows the enemy is after the PCs may be possible (but not certain) earlier.

Obviously not a substitute for more rigid planning, more of an alternate. I find it useful for secondary plots in city adventures, for instance.

@nono, just be careful to not set up a system where you have to get through all of the low stuff before you can get to the high stuff

@Sandra No, definitely not. I use this as a variation on random encounter tables, not as the core of a scenario.

The 500 character limit of is a bit too short for all the caveats. :-)

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