I just realised I have not written an yet.

I'm a French geek and role-player. So sorry for any English mistakes, this is not my native language.

I have been playing RPGs for about 30 years, but I only played or GMed in a few "real" campaigns, mostly in recent years. Most people find it harder to gather players on a regular basis as they get older, my experience is rather different. Go figure...

My main account (mostly in French) is at

@nono Out of curiosity, have you ever played Agone?

@tobi I think not. I'm pretty sure I have a character sheet somewhere but I don't remember actually playing it. Maybe an introductory game, but nothing more.

@nono Ah, shame. I played the English translation quite a bit and loved it!
Always looking for people who know it, and I figure they chance is higher with French-speaking people 😅

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