Ever imagine what a magic scroll in a actually looks like? Here's a 18th century Ethopian scroll called a ketab.

It's essentially a protection from evil/dispel magic scroll

I've been enjoying reading this blog series on Forgotten RPGs over at the Precis games website.

I kinda want to create a character sheet for each and every one of these:

The Traveller RPG was sort of based on 1950s sci-fi. I'm working on a character sheet that has a 1950s style to match.

The idea being, what if Traveller was published by Parker Brothers in 1957, instead of by GDW in 1977.

It's still a bit of a WIP

There was a long-forgotten ninja in 1986 called Night of the Ninja!

I've made a fillable character sheet for it:

In the free Classic Traveller supplement Mercator you can run games in the Roman Empire

I've created a fillable PDF character sheet for Mercator in both A4 and US Letter sizes.


Fantasy Lumberjacks!
I've started converting Lumberlands - the great OSR lumberjack setting to the Black Hack - the great OSR system.
I've started with the classes:

Just picked up the 656-page Starship Warden book from my FGLS.

Glad I bought it. I'll never get around to running (or reading) it.

The Cepheus Journal issue 8 is out. It's a free fanzine for the Cepheus Engine .

I've got an article in there about running War of the Worlds as a setting:

Finally got to run my first in-person in over a year - Omega 99. I got a chance to actually use all the stuff I've been designing for it:

Just got back from TravellerCon in Lancaster, PA. Played and ran a bunch of Traveller related games.

Picked up these old-school Traveller games:

There are lot of Lovecraft Mythos RPGs.

The best one is the Cthulhu Hack.

It's currently cheap over at the Bundle of Holding:


I'm headed to Travellercon/USA this coming weekend in Lancaster PA.

It'll be my first in-person gaming for a least a year.

Packing up my six-siders and my N95s

Finally got my copy of HOSTILE, the recently updated retro-80s future RPG

I'm getting interested in the Quantum Engine SRD, the editable file with the basic RPG rules that Cepheus Atom and Barbaric! use. Stellagama games puts it out.

It's designed to let people make their own games, along with a OGL license.

I've been playing around with the following ideas for my own Quantum Engine games:
* 20/30s pulp adventure
* Planet of the Apes post-apocalypse
* Bronze age Jason and the Argonauts-style island hopping adventure.

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