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I've been thinking a lot about the Cepheus Engine (the open source version of Traveller), and how it has the potential to be the core of an OSR-style game design community.

I've written up my thoughts here:

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I've organized my page of fillable character sheets for various dead, old, mostly forgotten, and out-of-print RPGs.

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I put together a list of Barsoom/John Carter inspired RPGs earlier this year. I've been updating it through the year, and I just added a new one. Scroll down to the end to see it.

Experimenting with a custom character sheet to match the style of the new Cepheus Deluxe rulebook.

It's designed to be simple, for use with one-shots.

I spent some time taking the spells from the 5.1 SRD and putting them into a csv.

You can use sqlite3 to import the file and query D&D spells.

sqlite3 spells.db
.mode csv
.import spells.csv
.mode list
SELECT name, component_misc FROM spells WHERE school = 'necromancy' LIMIT 3;

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utopian novel thread 

The World a Department Store: The Story of Life under a Coöperative System (1900) by Bradford Peck.

It is the year 1925, and a harried capitalist from the 19th century has just awoken to an America under a great workers’ coöperative, where most everyone does a moderate amount of labor and enjoys endless days of genteel leisure.

Peck was writing to promote his ideas of economic transformation, and unlike many of his fellow utopians, he endeavored to put them into action. He was a merchant who had worked his way up through the early incarnation of the Jordan Marsh department store in Boston. In Lewiston, Maine he made his mark opening B. Peck’s, “The Great Department Store,” in 1880.


A game jam for FIST., the supernatural cold war RPG is starting in a few days.

FIST Jam Ops III: Zine Month

If you're not familiar with FIST, It's a fun, cheap, and hackable little system. There's already tons of stuff for it available on itch.

Just finished up my one-shot of - the superhero game.

My players, the technological heroes of the Future Foundation, saved Zenith City from the science-pirate Max Disruption.

I may write it up as a scenario for others, and it also got me thinking about making some changes to the Superpowered! character sheet I designed.

So much open source #TTRPG stuff. The resource and submission lists keep growing. Come explore and maybe add your own games and tools to the pool!

There are various versions of the rules for the

I'm not sure which one has the best ruleset, but I am sure which one has the best cover - the translated Italian version. Love those classic Traveller-inspired Optima fonts.

The Smithsonian has 4.4 million images released under the CC0 public domain license that you can search through.

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I miss the days where GURPS was home to any sci-fi for fantasy setting they could get their licensing mitts on. #xp #gurps #ttrpg

Just ran a session of my game.

My players had to escape from a band of pursuing sasquatch, so I needed some chase rules. I used David Black & James Young's "Snakes & Swords" rules.

Highly recommended and worth a download:

Dammit. Forgot the image description.

"The cover of Gary Gygax's Dungeon Master Guide in the style of a 1980s literary paperback novel"

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What would the 1980s D&D books look like, if they had been released by real publishers?

Someone was nice enough to translate The Seer of Mendacium - the one-page dungeon I made for the project into Russian:

Interesting project. A VTT dedicated to just Cepheus Engine games. It's still in Alpha but looks promising:

I've taken Diabolox, the modern horror setting from Michael Brown, added some custom rules, and made a custom character sheet.

It's all based on a weird horror movie from 1970 called Equinox.

My #Dungeon23 weekly update post will drop tomorrow, but in the meantime, here's a resource for running the Rainy City with Into the Odd, all typed up nicely and shit:

#TTRPG #RainyCityRPG

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