Important consideration when designing a project:

Sure, it's illegible...but is it illegible enough?

For my Barsoom: 1960 setting, I've made a custom fillable character sheet. I've made a generic Troika! version as well.

If you make a easy to for me to run. I'm a lot more likely to run it. I'm not even talking about expensive things - fillable character sheets, lots of pregens, simple adventure generators would improve almost any game.

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The character generators, the dungeon generators, the free Foundry VTT plugin, and of course, all of the third party stuff they encourage. I was able to throw together a decent little tomb crawl from scratch in about an hour.

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Ran a one shot of last night.

The best thing about Mörk Borg, and what more games should aim for, is all of the little tools that make life easier for GMs

Dealing with colonialism, racism, sexism, capitalism, and all that, in RPG. Bringing together conversations and solutions from all over the place.

The 2021 TroikaFest Game Jam just ended. There are over 120 entries (including mine) and I've staring posting about the Troika! stuff I thought were the highlights.

Here's the cover I've been working on for my entry.

It's still a little too busy, but it's getting closer.

Just joined a Mörk Borg over on itch.
Make a supplement based on a 1980s record album.

I'm gonna try She's So Unusual by Cyndi Lauper

A ludicrously complete list of resources and tools for game design:

I'm gonna spend hours here.

Like a lot of people, I've been gradually moving towards more rules-light systems.

However, I just ran Modiphius' Conan (which ain't rules-light at all), and I'm starting to reconsider this.

Sometimes the extra crunch...just works.

Just got a shipment from the U of Chicago book sale

$60 bucks total

Ran my first game using the Foundry VTT. Set in Dolmenwood, using the Cairn RPG rules. Went pretty smoothly, I'll probably continue to use it for my games.

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