I've been playing around with , the modern action inspired by the old James Bond RPG. I've taken their character sheet and made it fillable.

Browsing in the used section of a game store, I saw two old, overly complicated RPGs I'll probably never play.

I bought them immediately.

I should stop designing character sheets and work on the other projects I've got piling up.

I'm not going to, but I should.

I've been playing around with making my own custom character sheet PDF for the Cepheus Engine.

I have an initial beta version, and would love to get any feedback. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Currently, it'll create wound tracker boxes, auto calc encumbrance, and allow character images to be added.

Pleasant surprise. My shipment from Lulu arrived early.

I just ran a one-shot of Mörk Borg, the dark fantasy OSR . I couldn't find a fillable version of the character sheet, so I've made my own:


I got to use a Hero System Fifth Edition character sheet last night. It might be the worst-designed character sheet I've ever seen.

My weekly one-shot group has been entirely on Discord for the last few months. I've found it changes what sort of games I've been running:

1. Lighter rulesets

2. Die type doesn't matter anymore - rolling a d15 is just as easy as rolling a d6

3. I'm tending to run stuff that my favored Discord dice bot (SavageBot) can support easily

4. If a game or adventure has a lot more digital images I can drop into a channel, I'm a lot more likely to run it.

TSR put out on the first Western themed RPG in 1975: Boot Hill

The first edition didn't have a character sheet, so I've made one.

I'm not a fan of The Price of Freedom - the 1980's American guerillas vs. Soviet invaders RPG, but I did make a fillable character sheet for it.

Here's a interesting rules review of an old failed RPG that I've always been fascinated by. Watch "Cyborg Commando | Rules Breakdown" on YouTube - youtu.be/SFSw50jMNKo

Ran the Hellboy Quickstart . We had fun, but the modified 5E rules are incredibly clunky.

Picked up the new 3rd edition Cthulhu Dark Ages from my FLGS. I'm thinking about converting it to the Cthulhu Hack. Already started on a character sheet.

I just ran my Tiny Living Dead one-shot . The scenario involves warring gangs, the Columbus Zoo, and zombie animals.

Here's a quick write up of the scenario along with pregen characters for anyone who might want to try it.

There are zombie koalas.

I'll be running a Tiny Living Dead one-shot this week. It's a fun zombie survival using the system. I decided to make my own custom fillable character sheet.

I put together a list of Barsoom/John Carter inspired RPGs earlier this year. I've been updating it through the year, and I just added a new one. Scroll down to the end to see it.


Someday I'm gonna write a adventure called Zhodani Teen Dance Party. I don't have the setting, plot, or characters worked out yet, but I do have the cover.

Felicity: a desperado-ridden spaghetti western town sandbox.
I made an western town setting for an In The Light of the Setting Sun game I ran. I'm posting it, bit by bit.

The best RPG tool is a good inkjet printer with refillable tanks. I've been gradually printing out all of my digest-sized PDFs into booklets. If you use good quality paper for the covers, they come out looking pretty decent. I'm slowly assembling a respectable pile of physical RPG books.

Next in my series of capsule reviews of weird non-fiction books from my library that would be useful in running RPGs:
**The New Soviet Psychic Discoveries**

A couple of National Enquirer reporters roam the Breshnev-era Soviet Union uncovering every bit of parapsychological weirdness they can find. None of it is credible, but a lot of it is useful.


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