I just saw and enjoyed The Green Knight.

I think Chaosium is missing a huge opportunity.

If they made a Pendragon supplement based on the movie, they'd have a good shot at losing an enormous amount of money.

The free Cepheus Engine fanzine #007 has been released. It's a spy-based issue. I've got two articles in it - a list of new bioware for Zaibatsu, and rules for creating and running intelligence networks.

A few years ago Mongoose Games had the license to Judge Dredd. They made a pretty interesting Traveller version.

I've made a custom fillable character sheet for it.

Just ran my first session of Knights of the Road, the fun Bordercholly of hobo paladins in a fantasy version of 1920s America. I found this glossary of hobo slang a useful resource:

For the OSE Class Jam over on itch.io, I've made an aquatic class for Old School Essentials. They shoot ink clouds.

There's a bit over a day left in an Old School Essentials game jam over on itch

In the OSE Class Jam, you have 72 hours to make a OSE class based on a specific idea. This one is "Seaside Adventure".


Mongoose once made a Judge Dredd using the rules.
I wasn't entirely happy with their character sheet, so I decided to try making my own. It's not complete yet, but here's an image of the initial version I've been playing with. Feedback is welcome.

Just ran a one-shot of the Strontium Dog setting. Made some nice pregens someone might find useful.

Strontium Dog: Pre-generated characters for Traveller

A interesting review of books about bronze age civilizations from a perspective.

The Many Coloured House: The Oxus Civilization egunnu.blogspot.com/2021/06/th

Here's a good resource for running a game in the 1920s. It's a collection of mug shots from 1920s Sydney. They'd make great portraits for players & PCs.

Apparently, the NSW PD had a really great photographer back in the day. Scroll to the bottom to see the full collection.


I've taken the character sheet for the campaign Beyond the Mountains of Madness, and made it fillable. I've also made a version with a table tent.

A random scenario generator based on a 1941 short story about a killer bulldozer.

Shades of Gray: The terror of the KILLDOZER!

I just got my Kickstarter copy of Knights of the Road - a fun little 1920s Hobos vs. Monsters RPG by Bordercholly.

I wrote a little mini-review and created a custom character sheet.

Rider is a fun little Wild West RPG from Independence Games

It uses the Cepheus Engine ruleset. I've made my own custom character sheet for it.

So I've got a big collection of games that I've accumulated over decades. I recently realized there was one I was missing so I just picked up a copy.

I'm told it has a following.

Good review of the Lumberlands setting

Reviews from R'lyeh: Friday Fantasy: Lumberlands – Wampus Country Travel Guide

If you ever make your own custom fillable /#CepheusEngine character sheets, here's some bits of code you can add to make them a little better:

BX Mars is a gorgeous book. If you don't have a copy, now's the time to get one.

Metal Earth: BX Mars going out of print. themetalearth.blogspot.com/202

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