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If my head can keep itself together, I am maybe one, two days away from completing my thesis project.
Thank goodness.
Then I can flake out and join you all with all the free time shenanigans

so I have a Logitech Gamepad F310 that I've had for..... I dunno how many years... and I just noticed there's a switch underneath it that says "X - D" and I have no idea what that's for

Not too sure how this one turned out, but I might just be staring at it too long

Been sketching my aasimar necromancer for the evil campaign i’m in (currently on hold, of course)
Results varied

so... how do I make a base for a Huge creature? I don't think these count as "essential" so I'm left to craft something together.

it's been over a month since my group has been able to play our evil campaign, and I'm still not over how some of the characters thought it would be a bright idea to get Lolth to teach them Drow
cause, ya know, she seems cool!
To the side, my necromancer was face palming and considering joining the sorcerer in mid-day drinking.

after spending the last few days trying to use my tablet and then my mother's laptop to write, it feels so good to have my computer back. I'll use those other options if I really need to, but I love my big box desktop. Now with more shiny lights!!!

my computer had to go into the shop for repairs. It was discovered that when my dad bought my computer (it was a gift), he refused to pay for the extended warranty. So instead of paying $200 in advance for full repairs and replacement, he paid $1000 to replace the power box, cpu, and because sockets, a new motherboard.
this time, he bought the warranty

That fun moment when you finally try to go onto your store’s employee website to login and confirm your mailing address like instructed by your manager, only to find that the easiest to type in form of the address is an adult website. O.O

Kenders are probably the worse or best race to be a sorcerer; sorcerers don't wear armor, are terribly squishy. Kenders are dodgy, but they have Taunt, which draws aggro. maybe not the best combo, but hey yolo!!!

true to form, the group falls into our first fight, a group of Minotaur appears, everyone is preparing things.
Sparky: "F I R E B A L L"
(the player who typically plays sorcerer in our regular game laughs in the background)
Gladiator game

Sigh, what is a good background for "kender was found in a river, was raised by humans"?

that moment when you log into AO3 for the first time in ages and realize that there's people who have SUBSCRIBED to your dystopian fic about life after a plague that you started... two years ago...

When you're rolling up a Kender Sorcerer and have the bright idea to roll for Origins and Reactions and get Prophesied origin and Ancient Line of Mad Kings reaction
and you're like.... "kender?????"

the instructions we have been given for character building:
"as long as you can find a source online, go for it"
level 12, 5e
our usual homebrew character building (dice roll stats, reroll 1s best of three sets; 1 starting feat)
But yeah, "if it's online, go for it"

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