a thing that has been happening regularly on the discord is my being able to see the voice channels for packs I'm not in.
This has happened at LEAST three times!!!!

Several people granted me Willpower for roleplaying for that. I didn't see her reaction cause of the tears I managed, but the player who had been Mila was sitting right in front of me at the time.
Looked. At. Her.
Like, "how DARE you make Feri cry?????" and she was looking horrified, like "what have I done to FERI?????"
afterwards I had people ask me out of character if I was okay and give me hugs

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So last session of , members of the were picked to battle a elder, including Feri.
We get there, the “elder” jumps onto the walls, and Feri says fuck it, doesn’t pop her burning fists and goes to fight stone dogs.
(Cause battle was a trap anyways to gather intel on the fighters, but Feri has a short attention span)

Apparently last Saturday in i missed a fight that resulted in a building burning down
You know, what players probably shouldn’t do when there’s hunters in the city
There’s another big fight for next Saturday, a specialized 12 team to take down an elder.
Of course Feri is part of the team. She’s one of the tanks!!

upcoming on
What will happen to Feri, who is in torpor (and COMPLETELY out of blood) and in some other dimension with a group of other members?
Will they manage to get back, or will the city's rescue mission be successful? Or will this be the end of the pink Brujah tank?
And who the heck has been buying incendiary ammunition??????

I find this interaction rather telling:
For context, the Warden is some entity we (Sabbat vampires) found in the city steam tunnels when investigating the source of zombies that are messing with our food; he’s apparently from “super-not-hell”
The Warden: there are as many as me as thoughts in your head **stares at Feri**
Feri: there must not be too many of you then

This is going to be the easiest note period for me:
“Feri is in torpor and has been carried into the Reggi-portal by Smoke. She has no blood, 3 Will, and all the aggravated damage”
Because she’s the Brujah tank that can go up against Gargoyles and she’s got the careless flaw so “glory to cain!” She’s gonna stand in a soul-sucking fire-storm fighting until she goes down and then someone grabs her and runs into a portal into ghost-hell
Okay then.

Tonight at
Apparently we had some sort of zombie making portal under our city with some individual from another realm. Our city decided it needed to be closed, so ~mass 3 hour combat~
Ppl kept going past Feri to jump into the flesh portal that Feri was attacking in order to close
Feri went down, no blood, no health; someone grabbed her and ran into the portal
Moments later, it c l o s e d

Last night at
ex-pack mate returns after an absence (aka, Daddy) and absolutely no contact.
Feri (my character) gets to yell at him because other ex-pack member (oh it's complicated) has disappeared. And another character gets to cry that a character is missing, so yay!!! I contributed to plot!!!
Also, you know, we had a Bloodbath and a Danse Macabre
and Feri ~might~ have a new pack now; we'll see what the new Toreadors say after a night at Daddy's club

Last night at
during warm-up:
player: I won the race though!!!
me as I'm walking away: but did you lose the game?
players groan and curse at me as I cackle

In a high holiday is coming up, one that requires some dressing up. And the dress I spent $$$ on in spring hasn’t arrived (issues regarding sizing and then customs policies with returns)
So I’m without a character and setting appropriate dress, but lucky me I sew and all the spring/summer fabrics are on clearance!!
What’s this? Make my own dress with an actual 18th century corset? You bet!!

it should probably be noted that I built Feri to be fight oriented. She's a brute who definitely does ~not~ look like a brute.
I tried to write my in-between game notes true to character, and the STs told me to stop it with the emojis cause it breaks their note-tracking software or something.

But when there's no fights for Feri to do, she's doing things like blowing bubbles in the middle of the esbat

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Next session of is a Sabbat high holiday and I have no idea what my pack is going to do.

Well, most likely a magic show and Feri will be an assistant.
But what should I ~wear~????
And it’s gonna be a potluck; what shall I bring????

I love how there's two reactions to my character picking up a grenade launcher:
1) "oh dear god no!!!!"
2) "YES!!!!"

Like, imagine this pink haired gothic lolita with her head covered in flowers and bows, running around with a grenade launcher.
I mean, she's a Brujah, she's better a brawl attacker. But it's a fun image.

Celerity just ain’t worth it if you don’t have at least the third dot

Things I have made for my current character: a personalized medical bracelet, hair clips, beading for a dress. Still in the works: a broach and a necklace, more hair clips, and a skirt (too be honest, I’ll wear that skirt anytime)

Last night's recap: my pack traveled to Montreal to request a bloodbath since we have no archbishop. The city had a trial, a bloodbath, a VERY quick ritual of contrition, and a fire dance (another ritual) where we burned down the building we were holding gathering, the previous Camilla prince's place.
You know, just another night in the

My bubblegum goth Brujah with amnesia: “fuck history” in Latin

my new character FINALLY arrived at Saturday night!!!
Her name is Feri, and she's a happy bubblegum goth Brujah with amnesia. The reason for why she hasn't been around lately is that her pack has been keeping her in torpor for some reason and just now was like "oh hey yeah we should let her out now..."

This is gonna be fun :D

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