That moment when you spent your last break at work (last shift for the decade!!) talking about and and 3D printing with your manager

my brain decided I needed to make the Objects of Power needed for my campaign, so now I'm trying to figure out the best way to turn Stormbringer into an intelligent item for that isn't too overpowered.
My overall thing is "this is an intelligent CHAOTIC EVIL sword that if you're not chaotic, costs you levels in order to hold, never mind it giving you power and hp in a fight with a chance of it backstabbing you"

My first dungeon, complete with ciphers, loot, and xp. I just need to write down the story to and from the dungeon, and then onwards with plot!!!

there's a homebrew for SCP-682 for and I'm tempted to see if he'll convert to and for my campaign, but at the same time, he's CR 17.... I mean, I could put him in Act 3.... as a monster the party can't defeat and ... hmmmm, ideas....

sometimes you just have to accept that your campaign plot is getting written on sticky notes

FB group has shown me SCP monsters for
now... can I convert them to and ?
I think so....

That moment when you suddenly want to build your NPCs as lvl 20 characters (and realize they both would be Clerics)
Different domains, of course, but both clerics

That moment when you realize you have to redo part of a Legacy character in a game because you didn't convert her skill points correctly.

picking up Ultimate Evil was the best and worst idea EVER; I'm so happy

Sigh. Apparently my campaign is actually a trilogy **head desk**
Can I... can I at least finish building the first campaign before getting ideas for TWO MORE CAMPAIGNS????????

.... blame fb for this: what would be the racial stats for orc/half-elf? or (not picky)

Okay newbie question: I have an antipaladin seeking to become good; as they can no longer take antipaladin levels, would you suggest they multi class when they level up? And with what class?
Thank you in advance

The fun that is converting characters to ... specifically plot related NPCs that do travel with the party and may provide backup (just in case)

Cause who would you rather heal your HP? A mystic or a merciful healer cleric?

(Also, technically, wouldn’t a healer be able to cast mystic cure? It’s a “cure” spell)

The fun with world building a world where reality is... subjective is building dungeons that simply don’t make sense. &d

Like, I’m making a tesseract dungeon and I suddenly just realized that because chaos, the sides don’t have to be the same size, as long as they line up. It’s also going to be ooze themed

Oh, just some of some NPCs for my game, including the healer NPC that’ll be tagging along with the players to make sure they don’t die. As usual, not satisfied with how she turns out on paper (whyyyyyy did I give her braids for bangs????)

As I suspected, one of my players built an Android character (really proud of his hacking checks); I tried not to laugh too much in front of him when thinking about the rust monsters I put in one of the dungeons

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