two members finally made it to our isekai game; we’ve been playing that they’ve had jet lag/portal sickness from being sucked through a portal between parallel worlds
“I’ve seen enough anime to know what’s going on” - upon seeing self in mirror
“Follow the smell of bacon!”
“Always a good idea”
“Usually a good idea; burning flesh, after all.”
“Oh... we’re ghostbusters now...” upon hearing about the haunted house and unlicensed nuclear accelerators.
“Oh, this is Betrayal...”

isekai campaign:
we're on an airship made of mahogany, in a race and attacked by air elementals
Our warlock crit misses and stabs the deck
absolutely everyone: THAT IS MAHOGANY!!!!

Not too sure how this one turned out, but I might just be staring at it too long

Been sketching my aasimar necromancer for the evil campaign i’m in (currently on hold, of course)
Results varied

one of my friends has invited me to join the Adventure League!! I've never played anything but home brew, so rolling up a character that's Official and Adventure League has me a little taken a back.
So my Warforged Fighter for AL will be a Champion, but I'm not going to waste the nice dice array I got and roll a lvl 7 Eldritch Knight

Things I do for campaign: decorate my character’s journal, including warning glyphs in Dscript (and figuring out other character names in Dscript)

That moment when you spent your last break at work (last shift for the decade!!) talking about and and 3D printing with your manager

Me, playing an aasimar necromancer who casts in celestial and writes in ciphered infernal: “what do you mean there’s no permanency spell in ? How are the wizards supposed to have permanent Comprehend Language to do our arcane research?”
DM **simply points at my character**
Me “that’s why she uses ciphers”
DM “in infernal?”
Me “yes; it’s her diary!!!”

Couldn’t find what I was looking for online, so I made my own
Round timer/tracker, specifically for spellcasters
Made for but probably can be used for any
From concept to finished laminated card

I'm exactly that player that uses the Grease + Any Fire Spell combo with the explanation of
"you ever seen a grease fire?"
depending on the DM, this combo plus their experience in food service grants more fire damage
I've had one DM go "no. Just... no. I'm not reliving that"
Given that my necromancer seems to specialize in fire spells, guess what she's getting as well!!!

I’m trying to roll up a character, and my cat insists on lying on the PHB

found the Dice Gods prayer I made up during my first game of

"O Dice God(ess)
Bless These Dice
So we May Smite our Enemies
in Thy Mercy
on Tabletop Grid as it is on Paper
Give us today our Daily XP
And forgive us our Metagaming
As we forgive those who Munchkin Us
Lead us Not into Character Death
But Deliver us to Victory
for Thine is the Mountain Dew, Cheesies, and Chips,
(Forever and Ever)

Our level 5 Bard “let’s summon a demon lord and tell him to piss off”

DM: **sweatdrop**

Our level 5 Bard “let’s summon a demon lord and tell him to piss off”

DM: **sweatdrop**

That moment when you suddenly want to build your NPCs as lvl 20 characters (and realize they both would be Clerics)
Different domains, of course, but both clerics

My Tempest was definitely mvp this session: we were attacked by an undead hoard. She and the paladin blocked their path while Cordelia cast Spiritual Weapon and the party just picked off stranglers for a round while the zombies kept failing their saves and dying by the handful. Then Cordelia released Turn Undead, which destroyed a LOT of them

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Last night in , we finally did talk about our nightmares. Realized we saw the same lady in them, and went to research dreams and the lady.
So apparently we caught the attention of Shar, who wants us to work for her. For you know, our heart's desires.
She gave us a demonstration of trust??? So now we're adopted parents of a newly hatched ash dragon, which gives 4th wall breaking powers, apparently. "what's golf?"
We also got a pool in the attic

Tonight in the villains campaign, we will be talking about the nightmares we all had, as strongly prompted by the DM.
Cordelia’s dream was being on a mission to wipe out pirates, and then being ambushed by dark ships. When she was defeated, she was pushed into the ocean to drown and be eaten by a giant shark

"slap the butt for healing"
"Fluffy is always within 5ft"
"The horse needs to stop tanking"

Also, I nat'd twice during the evening and it was glorious amounts of damage.

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