Last game in the campaign, it was only four players and the DM was winging it. But so. much. happened.
The group for the session was two Bards (one whom is trapped in an invincible amulet; yes, this is relevant), a Warlock, and Janna the Aasimar Necromancer (me). Our baby dragon decided we went ghost hunting and visiting libraries, and we discovered our creepy Drow doll is an immortal.
I have a great idea.
Hit the amulet with the doll.

What happens?
The drow trapped in the doll and the entity trapped in the amulet switch places.
Apparently this only works with immortals.
Janna has an impulsive idea. To summon her angelic guide.
They do, and immediately Janna throws the amulet at the angel.
Nat 20.
The force throws a newly made aasimar into the nearby pool.
And successfully freed the Bard from the amulet!!!
Aaaaand now the party knows Janna’s real name....
ah well

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