Hey peeps, time!

I'm Xenni, keen LARPer and D&D'er. Started with 3.5e homebrew, somehow created a god that still remains in that DM's worlds...

I enjoy gaming, love a coffee (I'm also a trained barista, so that's convenient), love spending time out in the woods and with friends.

I will probably end up posting about various shenanigans my characters get up to. :P

I'll be putting up a couple toots to describe my characters better :)

Looking forward to seeing your shenanigans :D


@Xenni welcome!!
What LARP are you in? I play in a Vampires the Masquerade larp, and try to update with shenanigans from LARP and my DnD game (a lotta home brew, so much home brew)

@nekobakaz I'm in a couple, my main fix is Fools and Heroes, I've an active character in Otherland LRP; and I've got characters ready(-ish) for Guild of Darkness, Waking NIghtmare, and The Last Étude. I'd love to be able to get to a VtM game, either table top or LRP :D

@Xenni those sound interesting and fun!
a few of the VtM larpers in my game also play it on tabletop. I've been meaning to join, but schedules just never work out. I started with VtR, and I think I like VtM much better; less political backstabbing, especially if you're not playing a Camarilla game. We're playing a Sabbat game, so there's a lot of "today we drunk each other's blood and then killed other vampires and ate their hearts" sort of thing.

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