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Hello, I'm Corina/nekobakaz (she/her) New to Mastadon, I play a bunch of stuff, and am building my first Pathfinder campaign. originally here in case tumblr dies, but I'll never say no to a good gaming community

Last night was game night for my Star Wars 5e game. WE FOUGHT MAUL!!!! It was TERRIFYING!!!!
I had to cast Heal above second level. Someone managed to Fear him??? So he ran off and we took off in the opposite direction.

Tonight's movie(s) to keep me from the doom is The Santa Clause
I foresee a lot of holiday movies in my future, tbh

I've been trying to get out and walk a little every day, as I'm recovering from back and knee injuries. Today is Long Walk day, so I'm thinking of walking to the grocery store at the end of the street.

In our current state of social media panic, it has been kind of wonderful to see Tumblr do what it does best: make up some incredible bullshit and have everyone buy into it instantly.

Sorcese's Goncharov (1973) might not be a real movie that exists, but it is one of the finest examples of collaborative internet folklore that I have seen in recent times.

Everyone you mention in a Direct message will get the toot.

This is not a dm, it can involve more than one person.

If you dont want to have someone receive the toot, dont mention them (remove the first @ for example).

Again, because it is not intuitive, Everyone you mention will get the Direct Message

Hmmm been seeing folks saying a lot of allies want to help #ProtectICWA but don't know how to start having the conversation because they lack historical and contemporary context, so let me help you. You don't HAVE to say anything other than #ProtectICWA.

There are a lot of Native folks who are well-versed & educated on the issue leading these conversations already. The easiest way to show support is by elevating their voices through retweets & checking out the resources they share to gain a basic understanding of what's at stake.

You can also show support by texting PCCPGW to 50409 and follow prompts! It sends a letter to your state officals and can all be done in your text messages!

You can also sign and share these petitions:

Hey #ttrpg designers.
The Digital Public Library of America has an easily searchable collection of maps, documents, images and even sounds.
Best part? It tells you what the copyright level is so you know if you can steal it.

been feeling low-key doomed lately, so I've been watching almost every version of Cinderella I can find. Like, the cheesy made-for-TV movies that are about a kid who wants to design sneakers. They're cheesy, they're fun, they give me hope

Hey, everybody--we're trying to get #BlackFriday over with early. Anybody want to grab the entire inventory of our #ebook #store (35 books right now) for $44? Sale's on for 24 hours (ETA: extended to 11:59 GMT 20 Nov, b/c Reasons…)! Come take advantage of us. 😀 ...& perhaps boost if you're not interested yourself? Please & thank you! (And a note to UK users: alas, we can't sell directly to you because of Brexit. Info here -- and we're so sorry: )

Been feeling dizzy off and on, but there's been cold fronts moving through. I poked a bit at miniatures painting today. I want to get current batch done soon; just got a HUGE box of tiles and terrain to paint

I'm not completely convinced Twitter is going to completely shut down. How many of us moved here from Tumblr? I'm still on Tumblr
But we shall see

was repainting skulls for halloween, realized I poured out too much primer. So I hastily put together some minis to prime.
And then realized that somehow I lost a head from a sealed bag

group is returning to and instead of continuing with the Windmill, we're doing another one-shot

campaign! Me and a few other party members are trying to get into a defensive tower to investigate stuff. Sorcerer casts a lightning spell to distract the guards and bring them to the edge of the cliff. My necromancer sneaks up behind them and Thunderwaves them off the cliff. As the sorcerer is laughing her ass off, necro turns and stage bows.

this is becoming an ongoing joke in the group, as one of the suggestions for our Villains campaign (evil alignment) is to have the pair show up during the LONG journey we're taking

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last week my group played Curse of Strahd (isekai version). Our DM decided to run a hot springs episode. We decided two of the NPCs looked like Vegeta and Napa from DBZ. So while everyone was getting attacked by werewolves, they were just chilling in the pool, making commentary a la Abridged Series

so, I started playing in a Star Wars 5e game. the group I'm in is... mostly Force users.
and I'm a loth-cat :3

I've done a bunch of painting the past month, but haven't taken any photos :(
some of what I've done, I'm proud of. some of it I feel like I can do better but not sure how, but for now, it's good enough.

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