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"It's immune to your face."
"Nothing is immune to my face."

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Hello, I'm Corina/nekobakaz (she/her) New to Mastadon, I play a bunch of stuff, and am building my first Pathfinder campaign. originally here in case tumblr dies, but I'll never say no to a good gaming community

Playing the aasimar version of Jonathan L Howard’s Johannes Cabal in DnD is interesting; sometimes I’m asking myself “what would Johannes do?” And other times I’m deciding that she’s summoning her angelic guide and trap it in a magical amulet
Good idea? Bad idea? Who knows, it was hilarious and now our bard has a physical form

What happens?
The drow trapped in the doll and the entity trapped in the amulet switch places.
Apparently this only works with immortals.
Janna has an impulsive idea. To summon her angelic guide.
They do, and immediately Janna throws the amulet at the angel.
Nat 20.
The force throws a newly made aasimar into the nearby pool.
And successfully freed the Bard from the amulet!!!
Aaaaand now the party knows Janna’s real name....
ah well

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Last game in the campaign, it was only four players and the DM was winging it. But so. much. happened.
The group for the session was two Bards (one whom is trapped in an invincible amulet; yes, this is relevant), a Warlock, and Janna the Aasimar Necromancer (me). Our baby dragon decided we went ghost hunting and visiting libraries, and we discovered our creepy Drow doll is an immortal.
I have a great idea.
Hit the amulet with the doll.

Evil party is confronted by a sobbing dwarf who can turn into a weregriffon when overly upset
“Okay, emotions? Who can do emotions?”
DM points to two, “you, you,” points to me, “and sometimes you.”
The necromancer did beat the Bard at rolling for the check.
Still got combat

Isekai game
Paladin “i prestidigitate a joint and light up because I am a high elf”

The people I LARP with have been passing around the trailer for the Werewolf: the Apocalypse - Earthblood, which is awesome. Never played WtA, but reminded me I should actually play VtM: Bloodlines...

two members finally made it to our isekai game; we’ve been playing that they’ve had jet lag/portal sickness from being sucked through a portal between parallel worlds
“I’ve seen enough anime to know what’s going on” - upon seeing self in mirror
“Follow the smell of bacon!”
“Always a good idea”
“Usually a good idea; burning flesh, after all.”
“Oh... we’re ghostbusters now...” upon hearing about the haunted house and unlicensed nuclear accelerators.
“Oh, this is Betrayal...”

Was working on a and a part broke :(
Possible to fix??? Will look at once I get more sleep.

I think I’m getting better at priming. I’m very pleased at how this batch turned out. Things I learned: add magnets AFTER all the painting, not before; prime with the sun behind you, not above or in your face (I prime outside on my west facing balcony); a holder-thing is so handy

isekai campaign:
we're on an airship made of mahogany, in a race and attacked by air elementals
Our warlock crit misses and stabs the deck
absolutely everyone: THAT IS MAHOGANY!!!!

I need to do some touch up, but otherwise it turned out excellent
I need to look up elk/moose skeletons now

I'm looking forward to Sunday cause that's when I finally get to play DnD again and omg I still need to write out my spells

"so this is what happens when you watch too much Iron-man and Full Metal Alchemist...."

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Warforged Arcane Trickster
isekai game (Sliders/Kingdom Hearts-inspired) :D
so, it's me, as a Warforged Arcane Trickerster
we random drew race and class. This is gonna be fun.

But my first draw is Warforged Rogue

The rest of the party: ranger, cleric, paladin, warlock, bard. You know, combo classes.
I haven’t played rogue in ~years, last time as a blind sheet game. Kinda want to make an arcane trickster, cause it IS an isekai game. Me? A thief? Me? An assassin???

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My dnd group is starting a new campaign to help tide us over; concept is sliders/Kingdom Hearts-style isekai where we get randomly drawn race and class at each new world. The co-DMs have given us the set of stats and our start level, and our first drawn race/class. (Still awaiting gear decision; literally proposed a few hours ago)

my work called me yesterday; apparently my store is in the next stage to reopen here in Canada. I was pre-screened to return to work, confirmed my availability for shifts, and my manager ran over some of the new safety features we're going to have. Before each shift, we answer questions and get our temperatures taken, at the least. Probably other stuff being put in place as well.

found my sheet on my Necromancer's family, including her siblings
Basically, I named all the kids, including my character, variations on the name "John"

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