Hello, I'm new to and starting off with D&D. I've done a couple of sessions but I'm already thinking this is something I'd do forever if I could. This is turning out to be one of those spaces where my stage fright doesn't consume me and my social anxiety is down to a minimum.

I'm a bi writer/editor living near Toronto. This isn't my main; only for ttrpg stuff. Say hi!

@neeti Hallo. You're in for a wild ride. Even if you never play another game/system there's so much D&D content out there you could keep going forever. I began in much the same way about 20 years ago, that excitement is SO GOOD!

@Sarklor Yeah, the potential does seem endless (and that's probably what gets me excited and hooked)!

@neeti The old trope "the only limit is your imagination" is well-suited for TTRPGs. It usually doesn't take very long after your first session before you want to try running or writing your own campaign. It'll probably be a chaotic mess, but learning how to write an RPG adventure was the most enjoyable learning experience I've ever had anyway.

@Sarklor Lol I'm almost there. An unrelated (fiction) story, that I've been in the process of writing for years, isn't working out too well in the novel format; and I've been thinking I'll convert it to a homebrew-type campaign. But yes, only after I get through a few as a player first...

@neeti Hi!

It is something you could do forever, with the right alchemical processes and a little sacrifice. Just be careful where you acquire those sacrifices or there will be a troup of do-gooders ransacking your home.

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