Since my game friends can’t get together I’ve been playing a lot of Board Game Arena. The upside: I can play a TON of games without buying them. The downside: I keep buying the games I play on Board Game Arena.

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Trivial Pursuit (-) 

This just in: I still hate Trivial Pursuit.

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I just went and updated all my social media profiles to switch from saying "Lv2 Game Designer" to "Lv3 Game Designer" now that Journey Away has been published.


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a philosophy of life 

Learn what you can change; work to change it for the better.
Learn not to let what you can’t change destroy you; work to influence it in small ways that build up over time until you can change it.
Learn patience with the world.
Learn who you love; work to show them you love them.
Learn who loves you; work to show them you appreciate their love.
Learn patience with yourself.
Work to clear a space for yourself where you can spend some time not working.

Just picked up Journey Away by @jskellogg. This looks really interesting and I can’t wait to try it out! I mean, my mba classes start next week so I kind of HAVE to wait, but at least I can have fun reading the book!

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That was faster than I anticipated! My new non-challenge-based fantasy , Journey Away, is now available for sale on DriveThruRPG!

Currently it's just the PDF version; there's still a bit to do before the print version can be sold.

But still! It's my game! I did that!

Don't worry, I won't be spamming the TL about it, but it *is* my livelihood, so maybe fill in the gap with some boosts? Thanks!

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My new , a non-challenge-based fantasy game called , will be live on DriveThruRPG very soon! (I've set up the product page, I'm just waiting for DTRPG's approval.)

The price for a digital copy is gonna be $14.99, but if you want a copy and can't afford that, let me know and I'll hook you up.

I'll post a link once it's live!

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boost this toot and I'll do nothing but it'll make my brain feel good

Excited to finally get into . I’ve had this deck box sitting empty for years, finally found a use for it!

...except it seems to be sold out at all my local game stores. But hey, I’ll keep looking!

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Based on feedback, I think I’m going to pick up and start playing it with my kids. Kind of exciting!

Wondering if anyone has played and what your impressions are?

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Hey, random thought:

Anybody wanna be interviewed on my blog and talk about games-related stuff?

Like, I don't have a huge audience so it would basically just be for fun, but maybe somebody would like to share some thoughts?

Any interest in that? (Feel free to boost!)

hey there! I'm Nate, I've loved table top gaming from as early as I can remember.

Right now I can't play all that much because I'm pursuing an which takes up way too much time; but the day will come where I can play again!

I love most Eurogames and weird/alternate tabletop RPGs like Fate and Paranoia. Thanks for having me!

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