Just made my first blog post with a at:

Trying out, though it looks like that instance doesn't have Federated posts as an option, so I might have to self host a instance instead...anyone have any thoughts?

is welcome (on either the blog post or the question)!

@nafzib If you use the mastodon frontend, you can search for "@nafzib" and follow it that way - I just did.

(Posts you made before you were followed by someone on an instance won't be federated to that instance, if I recall correctly, but now I'll see all your future posts in my timeline here.)

@nafzib On the campaign idea, I like it! In my setting, elves are about to be introduced as a dumb labour source, courtesy of a government who is using blood magic to domesticate the otherwise feral (and unintelligent, due to past plot-juice) elves.

So one subplot that can move forward is supporting this old wizard (actually, who my profile picture is a drawing of) who wants to create his own elvish labour force, but will catalyze making the elves intelligent again.


@emsenn Sounds cool! I love trying out different takes on classic tropes when playing (or running) tabletop RPGs.

Also, thanks for the info about how following works for other fediverse instances!


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