No job, farm mortgage due, help save the alpacas 19 Feb: and stuff: 2 trans pride bracelets, 1 6", 1 7", both $20 ea; rainbow hand armor, $30, I have 2; rainbow badge lanyard, $25, 1 avail; rainbow stretch necklace, designed for nursing mothers to give baby something to grab other than mommy's hair, 1 avail, $40. Shipping included in price.
help if you can, boost if you can't, tnx

Job loss inventory clearance, 13 Feb: Still no new job, Friday is my last day at the current one. Anodized aluminum necklace in byzantine weave with japanese 4 into 1 cascade in red and black, $50 including US shipping to

Job loss inventory clearance, 12 Feb pt2: Since the two bracelets already sold, here's proof I can do stuff that isn't rainbow. The stainless steel and bronze choker is $40, the fancy stainless steel necklace is $80.

Please help, crowdfunding 

Gather around friends.

A fellow community member needs our help.

He's lost livestock, now cannot make payment on their mortgages and facing foreclosure on their house and farm. I reach out to you to make a difference. (1/n)

My day job got eliminated. The vet bills from recent livestock losses have put our family farm behind on the mortgage. We're facing foreclosure and eviction. I'm offering this shirt for $600 including USA shipping, originally priced at $900 plus shipping. If the shirt is out of your reach, please boost. I have links below.

Overhauled re-draw of my D&D character. Slowly yet steadily teaching myself how to draw in color instead of just line art

Just drew some freehand to practice faces and colored them in; I'm pretty happy with them, especially the dragonborn thing on the right. :D


I just published a new original game!

This one is a derivative of classic fantasy roleplaying, but approached from a different angle and meant to be played in a single sitting.

Check out the beta of Dungeon Grind here:

Boosts appreciated!

Violent Illustration Of An Ogre Getting Stabbed in the Head 

Finally a piece on my tablet that I'm happy with! This was mostly done to work on my cell-shading and highlights. I attached the picture, but it can also be found here with my other art:

I built this flag shirt. It's over 18k rings. Originally priced at $900. I don't want to end up homeless. It's available for $600 including shipping within the USA.

I built this shirt. 18k rings, hand made, originally $900, now to keep a roof over my head $600 including shipping within the USA. Please help an artist stay indoors.

Just drew my first fantasy related piece on my new Wacom tablet, and it's also the first piece I did without any reference pieces that didn't turn out horribly (currently, I pretty much just can't sketch humans without a reference). So, not directly tabletop related, but I'm practicing so I can eventually do my own art for the games I'm working on.

Anyway, here's my weird, kobold-dragon-thingy.

Wondering about getting a new graphics card for my Linux system (current R9 280 only supports radeon drivers because it actually is an HD 8950), should I go green team (thinking a used GTX1070 or new RTX2060) or red team (RX590 probably, maybe some Vega card, but they don't seem worth it, happy to be proven wrong because I'm just talking out of my arse there, though!). Who has the better drivers and support for DXVK-stuff?

So, I just got a Intuos S tablet and started trying to improve my art skills since I'll eventually need art for any roleplaying content I publish, and I'm fairly confident I can do it myself if I practice enough. Here are the original public domain image of a I used, a of it I drew using the tracing paper option in Corel Painter Essentials 6, and my first ever attempt at a (which I did without looking at or tracing the other two images - so, it's a bit off)

Working on a /#FAE based game where PCs are celebrities in a D&D style world competing against other teams in a game show (broadcast to the masses via magic because it's still D&D level tech) where they run dungeons for prizes, points, and popularity. I want characters to be super showy and bad ass, so I'm playing with the dice mechanics. Ex: Advantage = 6dF keep best 4, or re-roll each die that come up as a "-" once. Anyone messed around with Fate and have any ?

So, FATE fans: what do you like about it, what do you think works better than others?

In my extremely limited experience (1 character, in 1 campaign, with 1 narrator), I find it a bit awkward. I *really* don't understand why the focus would be in the _how_, and not the _what_. I find that ambiguous and we often go back and forth to decide what counts as what.

Like, what's the advantage? I don't find it particularly helpful for telling the story, and it's certainly terrible as a simulation.

Was wondering if anyone could recommend simple and easy to play Dungeon crawl rules? something that my Wife and kids won't get bored with and that is fun and easy for me to set up and DM. [or even play in if possible] nothing that lasts longer than 2 hours.

Just made my first blog post with a at:

Trying out, though it looks like that instance doesn't have Federated posts as an option, so I might have to self host a instance instead...anyone have any thoughts?

is welcome (on either the blog post or the question)!

Know a little markdown and want to make your DnD5E homebrew stuff look really cool?

This is a great tool.

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