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Hello all, I'm Adrian! I've been wanting a space to ramble about tabletop with others and big social media sites scare me so here I am!

I'm known for running way too many campaigns at once (mostly DnD 5e but I'm branching out) and writing far more lore than is necessary for all of them.

I also do a lot of homebrewing and stuff, so I'll probably post about that too! My current main project is a Blades in the Dark campaign themed around the game Cultist Simulator!

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Hey Fediverse glad to be here! πŸ‘‹β€‹When I'm not herding my kids I like to craft inserts for my , tinker with my PC, and cook for all the meals! -Google

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Resist Anti-Trespass (R-AT) has squatted an abandoned pizza restaurant in #London and will be serving free pizza all day as part of an action to resist the authoritarian police bill that criminalizes trespass and protest!

Come down to Wardour St, W1F and show your support by trespassing for free pizza!

Trespass is about mutual aid, protest and survival. We will not be criminalized for existing!

Love, rage and pizza
Pizza R-AT πŸ•πŸ€

please share widely x

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The Game Pioneer

This woman deserves more subscribers. Found her channel based on looking at Dominant Species: Marine on Board Game Geek.


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This is a bad and dumb meme, but check out the comments for multiple recommended low price or free tabletop RPGS
(also check out Ironsworn it is free)


I’m poor but I see your point.
#dungeonsanddragons #gamenight #dndminiatures #tabletopgames #adventure #meme #cleric


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This guy is making a complete set of six-mile hex maps to cover the entire Earth, for use in RPGs

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the #game of VANIR is now live :blob_cat_heart:
light and dark, philosophy and understanding, war and mind control.
here's to new forms of experience x
[example play-through coming soon]
#gamemaker #mythmaker #boardgame

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Actually another big thing that would help is TRANSLATION or original material in languages other than english

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#OrishaLand now has a Wikipedia page πŸŽ‰

At the moment, though, most of the third-party sources which could be used to expand the article are openly hostile to the Black autonomist project. Seems like the best way to expand it at the moment is to cite 400+1's own media and to create pages/articles/whatever elsewhere on the internet that are informative without the hostility. (Those also help people who don't wanna turn to Wikipedia or mega-corporate social media to learn about or keep up with the autonomous zone!!)

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Found this recently, and thought I'd share:

It's a TTRPG being made by a team of Native Americans. Setting is sci-fi fantasy in an alternate timeline where the Americas were never colonized.

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What's the closest-to-D&D ttrpg system that doesn't have tons of lore baked into "races" and classes?

I like* the dice systems and skill systems and stuff, but I have no idea how to balance it, of I were to write my own content to replace the built-in lore.

Also, I prefer 5e to 3.5e, so Pathfinder isn't that attractive (since it also has tons of built-in lore, afaik)

(*Like, not love)


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Today I announced a new mentoring programme for Black artists in the West Midlands (UK) who want to explore the creative potential of live coding. Details are here:

In short four participants will get mentoring in all things live coding from me and @yaxu over four sessions and will be given a fee of Β£100 per session attended.

I know my reach on the fediverse is small so if you know anyone who could benefit from this please pass it on to them #livecoding

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I am finally open for more emoji commissions! I'll be taking commissions in fewer slots at the moment (1 or 2 slots), so if you'd like some emoji, come quick ^^

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I spent last night reading "The Celtic Myths" by Miranda J Aldhouse-Green ; I'm looking for touchstones and imagery to fill my world building. I'm making one mindmap and will then be creating a second mindmap with a different focus (e.g. technology or visuals or 19th Century exchanges) to then smash together with the first mind map. The goal: to create a lived in world and place.


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Are there any botanists or botany hobbyists on here who can help me with tree rot and plant decay? πŸ‘€

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