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I am finally open for more emoji commissions! I'll be taking commissions in fewer slots at the moment (1 or 2 slots), so if you'd like some emoji, come quick ^^

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I spent last night reading "The Celtic Myths" by Miranda J Aldhouse-Green ; I'm looking for touchstones and imagery to fill my world building. I'm making one mindmap and will then be creating a second mindmap with a different focus (e.g. technology or visuals or 19th Century exchanges) to then smash together with the first mind map. The goal: to create a lived in world and place.


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Are there any botanists or botany hobbyists on here who can help me with tree rot and plant decay? 👀

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uspol, trump, gab 

Wait so trump's gab account isn't just a reposting bot? He's actually on there? Like the actual dude is actually himself on fucking gab? What?

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for shonalika's birthday we would like you to listen to our gay little synthpop band, and if you like it, share it with someone or buy the EP this bandcamp friday :heart_trans:

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So, the outcome is that, instead of feeling defensive about my previous bad decisions, I took time to think about how I could meet my needs while also adjusting based on the callout. It usually takes me a few days weeks or months to think it through this way. Instead of seeing callouts as an attack, see them for what they are. Another person is spending their time to help improve your life as well as their own. Thank you so much for your wisdom @romainelaprophetesse

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discussion of antisemitism 

I spent way too long looking into the question of "is the lich's phylactery antisemitism?"

And then a while longer: "was it malicious, who did it, and when?"

The answers turned out to be "sorta maybe" and "no; not Gygax; somewhere around 2e, but then again with 5e and that was worse."

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If you missed it: here's my interview with William Gibson!
Talking cyberpunk, sci-fi, and the atemporal future with the writer of Neuromancer and godfather himself
#cyberpunk #scifi #writers #dystopian #indiedev #cyberpunkisnow #sciencefiction

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Lastly, ppl have been moving silently by blocking/muting these spaces & discussing it calmly. amongst their trusted circles.
so i think its strange that no one bats an eye or IGNORES Blk/PoC voices outside of said groups in question, but lets hammer ppl for doing the same thing bc .. white?
white ppl being dismissive to Blk folks in front our faces to protect non blk poc spaces that have consistently been told they have an antiblackness problem. but protect PoC, protect Blk folks? A f*ckin farce

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this is why white ppl got their panties in a bunch from the w.e announcement

"you mean non black ppl are being racist? that in it of itself is racist!"

If youre operating within the idea that this world is hostile to Black people then this isn't a leap. It rubs you the wrong way bc you haven't done the work yet to understand dynamics, or you see yourself in those that are accused of problems. Sounds like you problem, choose what side you want to be on

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PoC/= Blk folks safety

Stop that

White lead Latine spaces /= safety for Blk ppl

stop that

PoC solidarity is a myth until proven otherwise

George Zimmerman is a mestizo and still aint seen a minute of justice for killing a Black child

Latinidad /= safety for Blk or actual factual Indigenous folks

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"receipts" meta 

Hey how's this for a hot take: You are not entitled to gawk at "evidence" of other people's trauma fuck off

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Hi everyone, this is my !

While I do like and play boardgames (recent favorite: ), I'm
mostly here for tabletop wargaming ( and ) and
. After painting a lot at the end of last year, I've now
hit a bit of a slump. So I'm gonna try to regularly post works in progress and other pictures
to help with my painting laziness!

My other masto accounts are @floi (main) and
@floi (Magic the Gathering).

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that thread about DARVO 

I said earlier that I'd talk about this, so.

It's important to know what DARVO is and how it's used as a tool to bully people into silence/complicity in bad behavior.

DARVO is an acronym. It stands for:

Reverse Victim and Offender.

It is a technique that is used by abusive people to cover up their abuse.

It is incredibly common. Knowing how to spot it is key.

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It's become clear to us that major figures on those 3 instances have a pattern of shitposting-as-deniable-harassment/brigading, directed toward prominent Black people on the fediverse, and then hiding behind their own ethnic minority identities when called out. This was a big contributor to the loss of both PV and individual Black fedi members. We can no longer continue to enable this behavior by federating with these instances.

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We're going to defederate from, & in 7 days. It's taken us a long time to do this, and we're giving this notice now because we know this will cut off a significant number of mufos from each other. We hope you can either find alts or convince your friends to move instances. The next toot will explain why we are taking this drastic step.

re: dogecoin 

Or maybe I wrote the keys on paper somewhere 🤔

Too bad one cannot grep paper scattered all around the house in one go

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I might have a wallet from 2014 somewhere in some backup.
Knowing me, I didn't keep the file as "wallet.dat", so I have no clue where it would be in *looks at harddrive label* 4TB of data

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