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What's the closest-to-D&D ttrpg system that doesn't have tons of lore baked into "races" and classes?

I like* the dice systems and skill systems and stuff, but I have no idea how to balance it, of I were to write my own content to replace the built-in lore.

Also, I prefer 5e to 3.5e, so Pathfinder isn't that attractive (since it also has tons of built-in lore, afaik)

(*Like, not love)


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Today I announced a new mentoring programme for Black artists in the West Midlands (UK) who want to explore the creative potential of live coding. Details are here:

In short four participants will get mentoring in all things live coding from me and @yaxu over four sessions and will be given a fee of £100 per session attended.

I know my reach on the fediverse is small so if you know anyone who could benefit from this please pass it on to them #livecoding

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I am finally open for more emoji commissions! I'll be taking commissions in fewer slots at the moment (1 or 2 slots), so if you'd like some emoji, come quick ^^

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I spent last night reading "The Celtic Myths" by Miranda J Aldhouse-Green ; I'm looking for touchstones and imagery to fill my world building. I'm making one mindmap and will then be creating a second mindmap with a different focus (e.g. technology or visuals or 19th Century exchanges) to then smash together with the first mind map. The goal: to create a lived in world and place.


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Are there any botanists or botany hobbyists on here who can help me with tree rot and plant decay? 👀

Long ish 

@guerrillarain I have grown a few things, so not a botanist, but maybe this can help

Do you have tiny flies?

I had lots of issues with plants not growing well, trying to flower quite early and then wilting quite fast.
I tried watering less, etc. That didnt help.

But there were lots of tiny flies.
Turned out the fly's baby were eating the roots and killing the plants.

I got nematodes from online, watered them in my soil and the problem of flies & wilting plant went away.

cw: street preacher sign of hate / tag yourself 

@siege lukewarm by all account

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uspol, trump, gab 

Wait so trump's gab account isn't just a reposting bot? He's actually on there? Like the actual dude is actually himself on fucking gab? What?

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for shonalika's birthday we would like you to listen to our gay little synthpop band, and if you like it, share it with someone or buy the EP this bandcamp friday :heart_trans:

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So, the outcome is that, instead of feeling defensive about my previous bad decisions, I took time to think about how I could meet my needs while also adjusting based on the callout. It usually takes me a few days weeks or months to think it through this way. Instead of seeing callouts as an attack, see them for what they are. Another person is spending their time to help improve your life as well as their own. Thank you so much for your wisdom @romainelaprophetesse

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discussion of antisemitism 

I spent way too long looking into the question of "is the lich's phylactery antisemitism?"

And then a while longer: "was it malicious, who did it, and when?"

The answers turned out to be "sorta maybe" and "no; not Gygax; somewhere around 2e, but then again with 5e and that was worse."

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If you missed it: here's my interview with William Gibson!
Talking cyberpunk, sci-fi, and the atemporal future with the writer of Neuromancer and godfather himself
#cyberpunk #scifi #writers #dystopian #indiedev #cyberpunkisnow #sciencefiction

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Gab wonderment 

@benhamill one thing that gab really highlighted is how many people in the open source world are either happy to have nazi, or at least complacent when nazi are given a chair at the table.

To this day, fedilab main Dev is claiming that he doesnt understand why he got so much slack and decided to step down a few month back.
(The Fedilab app went from deplatforming gab because they feared google, but replatform Gab when they realised it wasnr going to be an issue)

Gab wonderment 

@benhamill I dont think they wanted to say "we did this", more like "we copied this stuff from open source suckers" and "we will tailor it to our need, which will be the best, etc. Etc."

To an extend the change they made is still there and is making its way into pleroma, with Alex Gleason front end Soapbox-fe originally for Gab, now used with mastodon and pleroma, but likely going to be pleroma 1st choice of front end going forward

Gab wonderment 

@benhamill that left all the fascist, edgelord, free speach, terf and other nastie to be left with each other.

Since fascism needs an enemy, they all went <insert multiple spiderman ppinting at each other picture>.

Gab didnt really took a market share in the fedi, and didnt take a market share on the existing nasty of the fedi, maybe the opposite.

So they kept the software but decided that the federated part was not useful.

At least thats the way I understand it.

Gab wonderment 

@benhamill so gab did a big fundraising, spent years doing noting useful, and finally had to show aomething to their investor.

The mastodon codebase was stable and the chance to grab some footfall from the federarion model might have been apealing too.

Fast forward, most sensible people blocked gab, and blocked early.
That was followed by some other work by app owner to block gab.


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Lastly, ppl have been moving silently by blocking/muting these spaces & discussing it calmly. amongst their trusted circles.
so i think its strange that no one bats an eye or IGNORES Blk/PoC voices outside of said groups in question, but lets hammer ppl for doing the same thing bc .. white?
white ppl being dismissive to Blk folks in front our faces to protect non blk poc spaces that have consistently been told they have an antiblackness problem. but protect PoC, protect Blk folks? A f*ckin farce

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