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Going to tabletop gaming live in alexandra palace today.

Do wave and say hi :)

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I nearly peed myself laugthing playing grabbell (using the wibbell++ deck by Behrooz 'Bez' Shahriari published by Stuff By Bez).
Get it if you can.

I got this prototype.
Push your luck & chuck dice game.

Its a bodyboard competition, every one get to ride best of 3 waves.

3 types of boards, each a different pool of dice.
3 types of dice to move forward/fall. (different probability).
1 type of dice to make tricks.

Current rules.
Ends at first to 4 waves.
Longest waiting player goes 1st.

You roll dice
You move
You stop and get the point for how far you went
Or you fall and get point for how far - 1 space
Add reds/ Remove whites

splendor, a game where you pillage remote country for cheap, to hire skillful craftman, to buy shops and impress nobles.

While I did not got in touch with any artist, I finally got what I should be doing with this game.

I was in Bristol for the street art.
And this town doesnt disapoint.

Playground coffee in Bristol is real good.
Teas are good, the brownies are top notch.
There are swings and board games.
Basically I could relocate there.

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