dm log 

So I've plan this session better than the other.
I'm still to find the sound track, but I have the maps (from the internet) in the right tools (lyre with the right markers (32px from Mutant Standard @mutantstd ).

Hopefully my plot is not too shabby.
I have dodgy meet setup, 3 scenes, which is better than the 2 I had for the last session.

I have some foreshadowing happening, some ogre business

Now with content inside the pockets
CW: food if you pay close attention

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Here is the .
If you have some feedback and want to give it in the next 5-10 minutes, I might put your changes in!

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So here is the mockup.
I basically stappled the pizza box.
Painted the cardboard side black.
Cut some bits from magazines.

And here we are

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Going to spend a bit of time to make a DM screen.
If only to hide a laptop behind it.

Let see how this goes

A nice boardgame evening for 2
Half cooperative (and limited information), half competitive.

I also stepped on the crown from citadel, not a nice feeling.

I am doing terrible in this game of quacks of quelinburg


Won my first game with 62 !!
We both cheated many time because there is a lot to think about

Going to tabletop gaming live in alexandra palace today.

Do wave and say hi :)

Boardgame playtest report 

So I did a playtest of that game about bodyboarding a wave and making tricks along the way without falling.

It is a push your luck, dice chucking game.

There is some character mechanic to change, because right now they are too different.

Some more to refine in terms of which trick are available to what player and what they do (giving more dice, removing trick dice for adding speed dice, get multipliers right etc.).

The end game was meh with 26 points on every waves

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