the balance thing from the avatar RPG kickstarter is looking pretty good

When you loose your dice but in a lucky way.

Image description: a dice lost behind some bus stop / behind a fence, the 6 is face up.
(Also people put garbagr everywhere)

dm log 

So I've plan this session better than the other.
I'm still to find the sound track, but I have the maps (from the internet) in the right tools (lyre with the right markers (32px from Mutant Standard @mutantstd ).

Hopefully my plot is not too shabby.
I have dodgy meet setup, 3 scenes, which is better than the 2 I had for the last session.

I have some foreshadowing happening, some ogre business

Now with content inside the pockets
CW: food if you pay close attention

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Here is the .
If you have some feedback and want to give it in the next 5-10 minutes, I might put your changes in!

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So here is the mockup.
I basically stappled the pizza box.
Painted the cardboard side black.
Cut some bits from magazines.

And here we are

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Going to spend a bit of time to make a DM screen.
If only to hide a laptop behind it.

Let see how this goes

A nice boardgame evening for 2
Half cooperative (and limited information), half competitive.

I also stepped on the crown from citadel, not a nice feeling.

I am doing terrible in this game of quacks of quelinburg


Won my first game with 62 !!
We both cheated many time because there is a lot to think about

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