I managed to sell wingspan and scythe is on the way to replace it! And also maybe I got quacks of quedlinburg. If I did I'd really have to come up with an explanation on how this doesn't in anyway go against my light shelves principles

@sissas quacks is so good.
I did a big cull recently and quacks was a keeper for sure.

@mxfraud I only played it on tabletopia and it was just so much fun, I couldn't resist!


@sissas if you like the simulator, you are going to love the physical version of the game.

There is something about reaching into that bag, shaking it and feeling the ingredient while deciding if it is really wise to take just one morr out of the bag

@mxfraud the game arrived and yes, it's much more difficult to resist the temptation to take out just one more if you can physically feel the chips!!

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