I wish I enjoyed playing tabletop game on computer as much as enjoy them with friends on an actual table

@pandora_parrot I think the solution for me is simply to play video games that are actually good as video games.

One of the problem of boardgames on computer is that they often are in that zone that is neither the boardgame experience, nor the video game experience and that is kind of no fun

@mxfraud I thought getting a group together for a regular game was tough before the pandemic. How naive I was to think people would have more free time to game online.

@Sarklor yeah, turns out having nowhere to go still doesnt give people time.

@mxfraud If you are not already playing via videochat I recommend trying that, I did not realize how much it mattered until a new player joined without a video feed

@errant I guess that really works when you have 2 screens, one for the game and one for the video chat.

I can see how it would improve stuff tho.
I might give it one more try, good shout

@mxfraud You mean roll20 and that kind of stuff? I struggle with the same, I'm incapable of paying attention for more than 20 minutes or so.

And *anything* that is fiddly, with rules or dice or doing anything that stops the action just kills me.

The only thing I can apparently tolerate is very rule-light story games with 2-3 people.

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