Trying to do a stpry 

I have this story I need to tell, but I am not terribly good at telling story.
So I want to get it out there, maybe you can tell me what you think.

The story is for a 3 hour session of DnD (that matters not, it is just an excuse as some people are familiar with it). It will be a one off session. It is actuall a work due, to send off a colleague.


Trying to do a story 

The main character, the estimed colleague living us, will be this happy go lucky halfling.

The back story is that his farm got ransacked by 'vikings'.
One one of his goat survived (we have a mascot goat).

This goat is actually a god of sort.
Our halfling go on a quest to rid the world of people burning other peoples farms.

That set him on his merry way for adventure.


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Trying to do a story 

On his adventure he will get some spells, which I will change to sounds increadibily silly (think 6 years old silly).

That halfling will get gather a crew as he fight bigger and bigger criminals (the other colleagues). They are mostly in for the money/adventure than the mission.

The story I kind of want to have feedback starts now.

I want to start the adventure bang in the middle of a fight, to capture everyones attention.
A small skirmish just to get people involve


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Trying to do a story 

After the small fight, I will tell the players that this is the big gig the halfling has been talking for months.
I will hint it was given to him by the vision of an evil in this castle.
(While an image of the goat talking to the halfling will be shown to the players).

The players will then have a riddle or ten.
Something along the line of there is 2 guards, one is lying and one is telling the truth.
That should get the players talking and interacting


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Trying to do a story 

I then plan to put an NPC to sell them potions and various stuff. This will be done by another colleague as a guest.

That NPC will / should plant a seed that this is actually the castle of a very good person, not evil at all.

Then it moves on and I will try to make playerz reminiss how they met with the halfling, with hopefully funny stories planned by the players in advance.


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Trying to do a story 

That will lead us to the big fight with the evil owner of the castle
The enemy will be model after the wife of the colleague into an angel like figure.

That should plant a second seed/disonance into the players head.
I will make this enemy question the motive of our halfling, and make the fight stop

My goal is that they will stop on their own. Otherwise I will make the angel flee to another room.

Once the fight has stop, I hope discussion will ensue.


Trying to do a story 

At that point I will get the goat to materialise and try to get them all to fight again (the party VS the angel).

The goat will be a massive dick and reveal that it was at the origin of the farm ransacking.
Then the party and the angel will fight the goat deamon into an epic battle

Thats it.
Thats the story I am trying to pull.

Now, I dont know if there is enough to make it interesting.
Any technicque I could use to tell it better?
Any trick I should use


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Trying to do a story, feedback welcome 

I am after any feedback and I am sorry I should have posted this unlisted after the first toot 😅

Even random question might be useful so dont be shy.

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