What should I bring to a role play evening. we are goin to the DMs house and I dont know what is the etiquette.

Also if you have a rulebook for the gane you're playing but most games you only need one book between you so its just a convenience thing really

@Ackthrice I had the snack and dice in mind, but not the notebook!

@Ackthrice It went alright, we had pop corn, buritos, snacks, teas and other beverages. We did character creation for warmmer fantasy role play.

I'm a toll warden, which sucks a bit, but since there is a fair bit of death in tht settig, i might not be them for too long.

Lots of fun was had

@mxfraud Like a TTRPG? Dice if you have them, notebook and pen for notes, snacks and drinks are always welcome. If not a TTRPG I have no idea.

@vicorva I didnt thinl about bringing a notebook, but I will get one before I get there!
Thank you

@mxfraud glad it helped! :) Taking notes will make the game a lot easier for you and it makes DMs happy when people take notes.

@mxfraud mess free snacks are usually good. Something like pretzels

@mxfraud there's also a good chance that people will all chip in to order food for delivery. So maybe bring some cash if you don't think the snacks will be enough for you.
But otherwise, snacks, drinks, dice, pencils, notebook if you're the note-taking type, rulebook optional
I also bring knitting to do, or a colouring book, because it can be a long wait in between turns during battles; if not a long wait or it's tense, I'm plotting my turn

@nekobakaz I have masto if things start to be long, and a laptop to view the rules too.

Maybe I need to pickup knitting

@mxfraud Samething that alot of people have said. But also, lots of what has been said. If you can, if you have it. Bring lots of pencils, lots of dice, plenty of tear-out-able paper. This is so you have extra to share if someone is in need.

Also, bring your handbook, even if you know the DM has one. The more handbooks the better. If more than one person needs to look something up, & there is more than one book, that is less waiting for a book. And that's less waiting for the table.

@mxfraud Seconding what @Scofisticated said! Having multiple handbooks (or people who have them downloaded) makes life a hell of a lot easier, as well as having dice to share!

But yeah, everyone already said all the important stuff! ^^ Also bringing drinks can be appreciated too, we usually have someone who brings homemade lemonade or cider and it's awesome.

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