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And it's the last time I'll share my wishlist too (maybe until another birthday).

If you'd like to gift me a game, just pick a game and send me a dm so I can share my email with you!

Thank you everyone! I gotta get CAKE!

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Hi there! I'm Viktor, a tabletop gamer and miniature painter from Germany.

Of course I have more hobbies and interests, but here, I'm posting pretty much exclusively about hobby topics: WIPs, painting, gaming and the like.

And that's also how I try to keep my feed. So please don't be mad at me if I don't follow back in every case! It's really nothing personal, maybe just a little too much non-hobby content for me.


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"Cistercian Numbers" are incredibly cool

It's a rare numeric system designed by 13th century monks

Each number is a based on a single vertical stick, with patterns you draw in all four quadrants off it -- top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left

A single glyph can represent a number from 1 to 9,999

It's in my recent weekly "Linkfest" newsletter, here:

Want to subscribe? Pay-what-you-want here:

I call it "The opposite of doomscrolling"

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It's interesting how several white men who are apparently fans of The Internet Archive immediately jump to things like "if you prevent archiving without consent, you make investigative journalism impossible, and give fascism the keys to the minds of the masses!"

Like ... no?

You know what? Fuck off. Fuck you and your straw man arguments, come back when you're willing to be honest about the history of data harvesting on the internet.

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Self promotion, game jam 

Second annual Knife Bunny Game Jamboree, a 4 hour livestreamed game jam, is starting in a few minutes!

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I’m not entirely sure how Mastodon works, how to find people, etc., but I’m here.

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On the lookout for small freelance gigs. I'd much prefer technical tasks over creative ones — photo touch up / editing, repairing 3D models / preparing them for print, recreating logos as vectors, etc. I like fixing problems for people. It's one of my joys in life.

Prices would be on the low side (<$50 for most things). And it's not an emergency, just trying to keep busy and put some extra cash in my pocket.

hasbro layoffs 

hum, so maybe the creative comons news today is also partially there to cover for this 1k people that hasbro is terminating

While I said I wanted head to roll, I mostly had execs/C level people in mind, which I doubt there is a thousands and I assume are not the ones being let go

(first link I found, I care not for the seattle times)

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Renaming the Free TTRPG Mechanics

I may have found a new name for it:

COSMIC Free Role Playing Mechanics

- COSMIC stands for:


What do y'all think?


wizzards of the coast / hasbro 

ahahahaha getting the SDR out as creative commons means they are shitting themselves.

I wonder what else they would do if the trend continued regardless :thinking_fire:

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The WomenOnRails editorial team is looking specifically for women and non binary *Ruby devs* creating content (articles, video, reels, books, podcasts, …), all levels, so we can expand our sourcing and promote more Ruby content in our newsletter.

We look for content in English, though we can also accept some in French, Spanish, and Italian (the four languages we cover).

If you know people, please drop links to their profiles here or via DM 😊

Thanks 🙏

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Social contracts are everywhere, and largely invisible.

There's nothing stopping you from eating a very specific diet to help you fart heaps, so you can rip a rank and loud one any time, and make it a party trick and do it all the time. On trains, in shops, anywhere. There's no law against it!

People will stop inviting you to parties though. You'll lose friends. You'll be shunned and excluded - although you've committed no crimes!

Anyway, stop trying to index fedi posts you dickheads.

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Don't really want to have to keep making these posts, but I need help paying for my dogs meds. It's $400 to cover six months of meds for them (not each, that's enough for both)

I heartbreakingly gave up one dog already after a year of financial crisis, but these two I'm even more desperately trying to hold onto. One is my 12/14ish year old retired assistance dog, and the other is my 1.5 year old in training assistance dog

- venmo/cashapp are sunfirewolf
- our confusing paypal username is beeees5 (that's the letter b, 4 of the letter e, than a letter s, then the digit 5)

#disabilityCrowdfund #mutualAid #transCrowdfund

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Self promotion 

Submitted my second game entry to BGG! ✨
Check it out if you have 3 players interested in a bidding trick taking game and a standard deck of cards.

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on one side it would be nice to have a solo game I could eventually play with other people.

On the other, would I get more out of it than 8 books?

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it seems shops have ironsworn starforge in stock in the uk.
I feel very tempted

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