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Anyone proficient with setting up a Jekyll-powered website for github? I've made some progress but I really don't understand where I should put my images, both for structure and blog posts. All help appreciated.

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instance admin announcement - tl;dr: Instance Closing on February 14, 2021 

Hey all

tl;dr - Too Many Cooks will be closing down on February 14, 2021. Everything will be deleted, so export things you care about before then. Masto has export tools in the settings to request a full archive of your account's content.

There's a few reasons for this, and things I probably should've done differently from the start (both from an instance organization standpoint and a technical standpoint), but there's nothing I can really do about that now.

I also, frankly, can't quite handle having an instance to administer on top of everything else going on, from a mental health standpoint. I also don't feel comfortable passing administration onto someone else, since I know I would still feel a responsibility for the instance, and doing so would not be trivial from an administration standpoint and I worry that trying to do that would put the instance in an irreversably broken state anyway.

So the instance will be closing down in one month, on February 14, 2021.

On that day, the instance's servers will be permanently deleted, so all of your data will be irreversably gone.

Thank you all for the fun times and amazing food posts. Thank you to the glitch-soc devs for adding the "automatic CW when posts federate out" feature, which I didn't even formally request, but they saw that I was interested in such a thing and added it.

Thanks again, y'all. This was such a fun place to hang out and I'd rather shutter it early than have something bad happen that I'm not equipped to handle, and have to shut down for those reasons.

I hope you'll understand.

Love y'all.

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Have you heard of the Royal game of Ur?

It's a 4000 year old game found in a royal gravesite in the ancient city of Ur. What's truly amazing about it is that we've also found a clay tablet with the rules for it! The oldest rule book in the world!

I had not heard of it, until I found this beautiful Free and open source online digital version of it! It looks great, and it's fun too! And you can play two player locally

Give it a go and let me know what you think! #game

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Latest iteration of Tiny Towns was surprisingly brutal. The game's nuance seems to come in the distribution of colors in the building cards. Hard to decipher on the fly though.

The last game went really well for me in the last set of three.

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Hey tabletop gamers! This is my :

I'm a graduate student who likes to learn and play Go, slowly... I started playing 10 years ago and I just haven't played that many games. I think I understand the fundamentals now though so I want to play more games and find my true strength!

You can join me Saturday afternoons (UTC-7) on my Twitch stream and watch me explain my gameplay. Just for fun! but ranked games :think_smirk:

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I've been working on my entry for the One Page Derelict Jam Winter 2021
I've decided to go with a procedurally generated spaceship crawl - using the methods Emmy Allen invented.
Here's the encounter table I'll be using:

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After an absolute cutthroat slog of a game of carcassonne, we ended in a fucking tie.

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If you want a physical copy of @billy_white's Tabletop RPG Design in Theory and Practice at the Forge, the time is now. Use code BEST20PAL for $100 😱off the price. I'm quoted across several chapters about the true legacy and impact of The Forge.

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Panoramic view of my "Septinsular City State", a homebrew setting for my Venetian-inspired elves.

Made with Townscaper.

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if you are thinking of buying 2077

buy neofeud instead

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The current campaign I'm GMing is using , and we're having a lot of fun (playing online due to pandemic).

I'm also interested and take inspiration from a lot of writing, and I read a ton of stuff from the GLOGosphere.

I'd love to hear what y'all are playing!

Some other things that are important to me:

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Hi all,
I'm Elad, He/Him, en/עב

Just joining after a long time on and off other instances.

I came here looking for some fun interaction among likeminded geeks who're into

I'm a socialist, I work for a workers' union. I love ttrpgs and I host a weekly podcast about ttrpgs (in Hebrew...).

I tend to gravitate towards PbtA games, and other indie games. I also love world, city and community building games ( ) >>

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Here's an illustration for the French instance (and @Nasher 's account picture), I'm not completely at ease on Clip Studio Paint for this kind of drawing yet, but I'm trying ! 💪
Une illustration destinée à l'instance et au compte de son créateur @Nasher , je me sens encore un peu maladroite sur Clip Studio Paint pour ce genre de dessin mais bon j'essaie j'essaie 😄
#mastoart #art #ludosphere #games

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Due to that bike accident a few days ago I have had to get a wheel and a few other bits replaced which is running up a bill of ~£100 which I can ill-afford as I'm down on money due to how much unpaid sick leave I've had to take this year. Anything you can spare greatly appreciated!

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Self promotion incoming:

I can finally say that I was asked by Cubicle 7 to write a collection of one-session adventures for Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, because One Shots of the Reikland is now out in the world, and even made it into the bestseller list on DriveThruRPG!

So I'm pretty damn delighted with myself at the moment...

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Wanted to do some industrial grime effects so put this together from some old bits and pieces I had lying around.

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Hi everyone! I'm coming over from the fosstodon instance. It's a fine place, but it reminds me too much of work. I'm a huge fan of all tabletop games, though RPGs and Card Games are probably what I play the most. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community and talking about nerd stuff with all of you!

Socializing is pretty impossible now days, so I'm glad to have found an online community that is excited about the things I'm excited about.

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