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I just donated $2 for 100 uses of and only needed 3 of them for now. Have fun with the rest!

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Do you know anyone looking for a story writer (ghost or otherwise) for their upcoming work? Thinking like gamedev, Web content, etc.

DM me or (please) email me at if you know anything or anyone I should talk to.

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UPDATED - Master list of Tabletop Gaming Patreon Projects.

I spent far too long today cleaning up our list of tabletop Patreon pages.

Here you will find tabletop RPG writers, miniature sculptors, map makers, artists, podcasters, and more!

If you or your favourite creator aren't on this list, hit me up and I will get them added!

@gdorn have you looked at ?

I forgot if it does sound both ways.
But it would likely be easier to add than other tabletop stuff in jitsi.

Looking forward to see what else you find

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This year’s Eurovision Song Contest will begin tonight. A certain number of people will livetoot it, including myself, and CWs are not expected to be used.

So if you do not want to see any related toots in your timelines, I warmly invite you to mute the #Eurovision hashtag for a week.

Similarly, I invite people who will livetoot the event to use that hashtag, so their toots are easier to filter (and will also show up in the pinned search!)

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Something a little different today...
This is a #ScratchBuilt, typical #5e scale (i.e.1" = 5') #modelbuikd I'm working on. In downtime between actual work, I thought it might be fun to build some #DnD "#battlemap #props" for some ship-to-ship combat I was planning to run. In the end I've not had time to complete them (but still hope to), but I did use the skiff/elven #gondola as a plot device in my "Cold Comfort" game last year, even if they only saw an image of it.
#Ttrpg #ttrpgArt #3D #dnd5e

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Also, since the US banned our Hawaiian language, it nearly went extinct. Less than 100 kids spoke it in the 80's. Kids are STILL punished for speaking Hawaiian today.
The fact we've 30,000+ Hawaiians speakers now is testament to our struggle to preserve our culture from eradication.

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More on Hawaii that had universal healthcare 25 years before the West, invented submarines before Jules Verne published 20,000 leagues, and had full citizenship & equality for Black, Asians as US / Canada enslaved, segregated and exploited both for profit. (Then the US illegally occupied, banned our language and culture, erased our history.)

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You: A #trans artist who wants to make a design that is affirmative towards trans people. Like, if you were out walking your dog or going to the shops and you saw it on a light pole, you'd feel happy. Just something saying trans people are cool or valuable or some kind of pro trans vibes.

Me: A guy who wants to print a bunch of stickers and put them up around East London.

I could commission you and do my own printing? What's your rates?

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Bashed this quick little figure together on #HeroForge since I'm so excited to play him (hopefully) in Lords of Eternity! Need to come up with a name, just in case... #newCharacter #mini #hero

Did you order Lords of Eternity, yet? If not, you should definitely check it out! #kickstarter

Spooky skeleton image:

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Y'all, I know that the new Blade Runner RPG dropped on Kickstarter today - and it's cool, but you do know you can get that from your FLGS after the project runs, right?

Maybe look at something from a smaller creator that won't be as easy to find?

(Not my project, BTW, not even someone I know; just someone whose social media feeds are interesting and entertaining)

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Just like... mute people. Mute a lot of people. Mute whole instances.

If a person or a group of people are routinely throwing trash memes on your timeline, or talking about rough topics without CWs or whatever, you don't have to be the Politeness Police, just fuckin' Beal Toss them out of your headspace and get back in your lane.

I promise you its fine.

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using cover warnings to create a more readable timeline 

You know what else cw’s are great for? Limiting visual “noise” in timelines. Eliminating the “wall of words.”

I have extreme difficulty excluding visual information, which makes stuff unreadable to me. My brain short circuits! It’s why I go through phases of not spending time here.

Thanks to those who use CW just to label content, rather than only for triggery stuff. It creates a much more pleasant space. I plan on doing that from now on.

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Bonjour à toustes,
Qui suis-je ? #introduction
Speak french, english, spanish
Queer, entrepreneur lyonnais, végétarien (flex a mes heures perdues en dépression), passion jeux (de société, cartes Magic, Mario Kart, escape game, …), intérêts pour la psychologie clinique, bienveillant ♥️

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Hi! I'm Echo, a trans lesbian weirdo who works as a web engineer and looks at porn for a living. This is my second time on Mastodon, and I'm really interested in seeing if this sticks. I'm really interested in #larp, #WordPress (capital_p_dangit), #anarchism, #tumblr, and #queerhistory. #introduction

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Hi I'm Odd!

I'm a #queer #trans #art #witch. I'm #autistic and have #ADHD, #EhlersDanlosSyndrome, #POTS, #MCAS, #LongCovid, and I'm #disabled

There's more in here, hang on ::shakes boot upside-down::
#NonBinary #Demi #GreyAce #Polyamorous #Bisexual

I post #tarot and #MastoArt over

I like #ttrpg and play video games.

By day I'm #unhoused and do #UX Development, focusing on #Accessibility and #onlinelearning


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