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Ok, so, I played some more and between 1/4 and 1/3 of the session was setup and tidying up.
And that's while doing it at a very good opportunity to save the "game".

I also feel like I want to be doing more exploration, but the rest of the game is slowing me down.

Still, I like playing it as it really make me want to design games again

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sleeping gods is ok so far.
It requires so much space on the table tho

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Legend of Sisko: Tears of the Prophets

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tabletop RPG 

What is the people's view on d20 modern ?

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Good morning sleepy heads!

We just made the first release candidate for v0.5.0 of GoToSocial 🎆

Docker: superseriousbusiness/gotosocial:0.5.0-rc1

This one has a bunch of fixes and new features:

  • API rate limiting.
  • Initial version of custom emoji support 🦥
  • Performance improvements with domain block caching.
  • OpenGraph meta tags when linking to your public GtS posts.
  • Optional custom CSS for profiles: see here and here.
  • And more!

If you’re a GtS instance administrator, it would be fantastic if you could try out this release candidate, and report any bugs you see with the new stuff :)

Big thank you to all contributors! <3

What is GoToSocial?

GoToSocial is an open-source, ActivityPub compatible, federated social media server. It’s easy to install, lightweight, and perfect for small servers 🦥

minis, mostly terrain, first picture has "blood" painted (not a lot/not very visible) 

So I made some terrains because why not

Trying to build a bit of a (physical) RPG library.
I'm trying to get mostly 2nd hand stuff.

What should I try to get my hands on ?

Next stop, the shop to get some spray paint to do some terrains

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Also gonna just use this opportunity do some shameless self promotion and mention I wrote a blog post in a similar vein specifically about writing:

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So...need to build a chat room system integrated tightly with a game. Anyone know of good FLOSS that does web pushes?

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Anyone on my feed ever done a KDP paperback? I am having a hard time getting the pages to align for a spread and can't figure out how it wants me to set it up

#IndiePublishing #Publishing #Author #Illustrator

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We just moved and I am on the lookout for a Group in the Region.

I mainly play but was also looking into starting or .
In the past I played (no idea what edition)
I am also always open to getting into other systems.

If you are looking for a player or know someone who does, please let me know.
Boosts are welcome as well.

PS: I also might be able to , or

anyway I am now deep down the rabbit hole, more paint, more brushes, more minis...

I will have to rain this back in soon

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this account will be mostly about miniature painting and tabletop gaming. I try my best to improve my painting skills as far as i can and i'am looking for other painters for exchange of ideas and inspiration.

I've also played P&P in the past (Shadowrun and Firefly) and now i play the game master for a Cthulhu group.
I'am a huge fan of fiction worlds, when they are made with love and have a dense atmosphere. I like ones with subtile sinister stuff a little more often.

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I'm not sure the plastic box full of odd bits has a name.
Or maybe it has but no-one is letting go of it, just in case

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Now the question is where/what do I buy to have lots of plastic to do kitbashing

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