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#CthulhuDarkItaliaJam2020 is a jam of making mystery scenarios for #CthulhuDark set in Italy. You can participate in the language of your choice.

ooh, just stumbled across the planarch codex (h/t @takeonrules )

how have I not hit upon this before? this is totally my kind of thing

think I may finally get around to reading blades in the dark tonight...

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I felt ruined for making games by the pandemic and stress of the world. But now I've made this. It feels different to me. Social deduction storytelling about how we choose to live with each other.

I'm really excited about it. Let me know what you think.

I may find GMing to be an intermittently frustrating activity, but worldbuilding stuff does scratch a pretty deep itch

it's still weird that they're called toots


oh wow, I was just reading your blog-- no idea you were on mastodon

Appendix N, murderhobos 

oh now I get it

reading Jack Vance for the first time, and Cugel the Clever could totally be the ancestor of a whole lineage of sociopathic adventurers

this may date me, but is still a thing? (vs gaming, i.e.)


happy to be among a community of gamers

in decreasing order of things I do, I'm into:
- ttrpgs (I've been v v belatedly getting into DCC, but I'm a fan of lots of other weird, story-game type things)
- board games
- computer games (used to be one of my main things, now I find it harder to find the time)

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