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I try not to regret selling any board games, but I don't always succeed. I've regretted parting with my copy of Renegade Legion: Centurion, one of the first wargames I played (around age 12-14), so I bought a used copy.

One of the joys of buying used games is finding treasures like this in the box: handwritten Centurion stats on the back of what's either someone's homework or a piece of scrap paper their parents gave them.

#BoardGames #wargames

Trans rights are human rights.

Black lives matter.

No human is illegal.

Love is love.

Their body, their choice.

Science is real.

Kindness is everything.

P.S. If you started following me due to this post, PLEASE look at my profile and decide if it's for you.

Make sure general nerdiness, tabletop roleplay, and other related pursuits are the kind of content you want to see in your timeline.

Our values obviously align, but our interests/hobbies might not. No hard feelings if you unfollow. πŸ˜‰

It’s good to see engagement and use growing here. It would be healthy to have a social platform free of the billionaire oligopoly and the corporate ad folks, don’t you think?

The Uktar Atoll has it all! A halfling village! An improbably high shipwreck! A crazy whirlpool! An eerie stepped pyramid! A strange ruined temple! Skull Tower! Pirate Landing! Jungles! ADVENTURE!

My current bio reads "I’m a good curler. I have confidence. Let’s have fun!"
I never played curling and am certainly terrible at it.
It's Satsuki Fujisawa's note to herself, as she captained the Japanese women’s curling team at the Olympics, as explained here:

I find this message both silly and deeply moving. Human.
I cannot think of a better random quote.

That said, maybe I should write a real bio as a result of my #TwitterMigration

Got laid off today! Whoo!

EDIT: Info in reply.

If anyone knows of a place looking for a remote front-end web dev (#react #reactjs #javascript #html #css), Unity dev (#unity #unity3D #csharp #gamedev #indiedev #dotnet), Game designer (#gamedesign #leveldesign #gameplay #gameplaydesign), Stream producer (#obs #obsstudio #twitch #streaming #ttrpg #ttrpghive), or Generalist programmer, hit me up!

Shoot any recs my way!

Also if you could boost this, that would be very appreciated!

Thanks πŸ™ƒ

Also todo: Make a separate profile on a tech-oriented instance for posting things like this to.

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To do: Mike's / project

βœ… Build MVP API for project.
βœ… Test it (ongoing, but going well so far).
🟩 Build automated tests for it.

If you're still on or, you're about to lose track of It's for the safety of our comrades: this is the quieter, kinder part of the fedi where we walk away from instances that can't or don't control harassers.

I know a lot of you on and .online are newcomers who landed there because so many other instances have closed to new accounts. Please take this time to explore the fediverse and find somewhere with more reliable moderation.

I find myself periodically re-reading this from @anildash and I think it is essential reading, especially as we see a rise in smaller communities trying to avoid the mistakes of their former host.

"If your website's full of assholes, it's your fault"

Tip for people who want to get into making ttrpg zines. There are troves of public domain and CC high res scans of medieval texts out there. We did this on "To Elfland and Back" and had a blast using all this amazing art to make something new. Check it out:

#ttrpg #zine #medieval #illumination #illustation

Christina Stone-Bush (@HyveMynd) is an incredible indie #ttrpg designer! We did a special interview with her for our Patreons and are featuring her in our RPG advice podcast every week for November. Find all her games at games at

If you're new to Mastodon/the Fediverse, this little as non-technical-as-possible welcome guide might be useful! :meow_coffee:​ #fediTips

TTRPG Nerd Speak 

Anyone in #TTRPG land play #Fate or #PBTA or #BladesInTheDark or anything *besides* #DND?

Subquestion: Anyone have trouble finding a group willing to play anything *other* than D&D?

Made a font for your cyber adventures.
I like making fonts that are less legible for reading and make creating cryptic symbols easier.
The big red symbols on the left say "ancient". On the right is says "futures". Just fun.
It's PWYW on for a week.

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